How long I have been associated with NSF:

Since Mid 2002

How I came across NSF:

I am native of Rajahmundry, AP. During early 2002 I was searching through yahoogrops to find any related mailing list. I joined mailing list which was created by Dr. Ratnam. During exchange of e-mails he mentioned about North South Foundation. 

About Me and My Family

My wife is Anuradha and we have two daughters Manasvi and Anusri. We came to US in Dec 2000 and we have been staying in CA since then. We stayed for 5 years in Madras after our marriage where I was working for Ramco. Now I am working as QA Engineer at Informatica in Redwood City.

What I enjoyed most in my association NSF

My work for NSF started as a web site administrator and gradually I have now moved into volunteering for local chapter. I have just begun and I am happy I have been able to contribute to the excellent work being done by Foundation and Volunteers by enabling them to come together through the website.  

Other things I would like to share

I believe in "Do unto others as you want others do to you" and I would like to do my best always. You can understand more about me if you visit my personal website