Why Geography

In an increasingly inter-connected, inter-dependent and compressed world, knowing about the world and the happenings around will enable us to understand how remote events have the ability to impact people's lives all around the world. Geography connects physical systems, cultural characteristics, evolution and modification of environments, availability and distribution of resources, which results in developing a mental of map of the world. Finally, being Geographic literate, children would have a decent chance to become global citizens and consequently, active players on the world stage. They are also more likely to appreciate Mother Earth as the homeland of humankind, for making wise management decisions about how the planet's resources should be conserved and used in the next century.

Why Geography Bee

Preparing for this competition is a fun way of learning about places and people, all across the world! It not only increases geographic knowledge and helps children in becoming champions but also instills in them the universal principles of education – the desire to learn, the ability to focus, the discipline to stay on course, the importance of working awfully hard, an opportunity to understand novel concepts and to make a sense of real-life situations. In other words, preparing for Geography Bee is nothing but learning important life- lessons that are absolute pre-requisites for higher achievement.

Geography Coaching - Syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following document for frequently asked questions about Geography Bee coaching - Geography_Coaching_FAQ.