Atman Balakrishnan

I am a freshman at Hinsdale Central High School near Chicago, Illinois. From a young age, I have been inspired by my father, Balu Natarajan, to compete in spelling bees. I competed in my first spelling bee as a 3rd grader at The Lane Elementary School. I started competing in NorthSouth bees at the regional level in 4th grade. In 5th grade, I made it to the NSF National Senior Spelling Bee. In 6th grade, I made it to the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee, as well as continuing to improve in the NorthSouth Senior Spelling Bee. In 2019, I earned a 41st place finish at Finals in the Scripps National Spelling bee, as well as a 5th place finish in the NSF Senior Spelling Bee in the National Finals. Outside of spelling, I have many other hobbies. I play the viola in my school orchestra, and the piano outside of school. I sing Carnatic Music with my brother, Advaith, and my mother, Meenakshi. I also love to play soccer and basketball with my brother. At NorthSouth, I help write the newsletters.

Navin Ramesh

Navin is a freshman at Central Catholic High School. He is a three time Scripps National Spelling Bee contestant and has years of experience from attending regional and national NSF competitions. He runs cross country, and plays ice hockey and tennis. He loves to volunteer and has co-hosted multiple book and supply drives for schools in India with his sister Ranjana. He is the 2019 champion of the Upper Valley Brain Bee at Dartmouth College. He has also won his school science fair 9 times. In his spare time, Navin enjoys boating and woodworking.

Navneeth Murali

Navneeth Murali started his spelling journey in fourth grade. He has been a two-time Championship Finalist at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, placing 5th and 11th in 2018 and 2019. He won the 2019 South Asian Spelling Bee, the 2019 NSF Senior Spelling Bee, the 2018 NSF Intermediate Vocabulary Bee, and the 2019 North America Spelling Championship Challenge. He has also participated in NSF math and science competitions. He runs a weekly vocabulary club at his school sharing his love for words with his schoolmates. He is excited to be part of NSF’s coaching program and likes to give back to the spelling community by sharing his knowledge and experience.

Ojas Vatsyayan

Ojas Vatsyayan is a freshman at Irvington High School in California. He has participated in spelling bees since he was in 4th grade, eventually earning a trip to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, where he tied for 42nd of the 519 contestants that year. He qualified for the 2nd round of the KPIX spelling bee, and has placed in NSF spelling bees as well.  Aside from his love for spelling, he is a fan of math and science. He has achieved honor roll for the AMC 8, has placed 3rd nationally in the Math Kangaroo Competition, and has achieved a perfect score in the Math Olympiad Competition. He also has gotten 4th place in the State Science Olympiad Competition. He loves volunteering and helping others achieve their goals and gain a love for their favorite subjects. In his free time, he is a voracious reader and loves playing tennis. He hopes to help students have their best experiences in spelling, and is very excited to coach.

Pavani Chittemsetty

Hello! My name is Pavani Chittemsetty. I am a freshman at Bentonville West High School in Bentonville Arkansas. I grew fond of spelling at a young age and have competed at the Scripps National Spelling Bee three times, tying for 30th place in 2019.  I also have many years of experience competing in NSF competitions. In my first year of high school I am taking AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, and AP Computer Science. Besides spelling, my other interest is in Taekwondo. I am a 2nd degree Martial Artist. Although this is my first year of volunteering as a coach for NSF, I am excited to take part in this new journey!

Ranjana Ramesh

Ranjana is a high school sophomore at Central Catholic High School in Massachusetts. She is a devoted student of humanities, but her true bent lies in science. Ranjana was the youngest student at her school to take an AP class (AP Bio, which she enjoyed very much). She was the 2019 runner up of the Dartmouth College Upper Valley Brain Bee and has won the NSF Regional Science Bee and Brain Bee (along with spelling, vocab, math and geography) a handful of times over the years. Ranjana is deeply passionate about healthcare and service and combines the two by volunteering at her local senior center, hospital, and a handful of other medical causes. She loves languages and speaks Tamil, English, and tourist-French, with plans to move on to either Italian or Korean in the future - this helped her place in the top 100 at the 2020 Scripps National Spelling Bee and 7th nationally for NSF vocab. Ranjana was the valedictorian of her graduating class in 2019 and received the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence. She is a writer, an avid reader, and an outdoorswoman. She loves photography and travel, is an impressionist painter, and plans to study in France one day.