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Geography Bee : Syllabus
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The questions will be related but not confined to the following categories.

Junior Geography Bee:

  • General Physical Geography: Major Land forms and Water bodies
  • U.S. Geography
    • Political Geography: States & Capitals
    • Physical Geography: Identify the locations and characteristics of the different regions of the United States, major mountains & rivers
  • Significant Individuals: Famous Americans from all backgrounds (inventors, leaders, etc.)
  • Indian Geography
    • Political Geography: States & Capitals
    • Physical Geography: Major mountains & rivers
    • Cultural Geography: Languages & Landmarks
  • World Geography
    • Political Geography: Important countries capitals on different continents
    • Physical geography: major mountains rivers on different continents
    • Cultural geography: People, languages, holidays, cultural traditions and sports around the world

Senior Geography Bee:

  • General Physical Geography - Earth, Land Forms, Water bodies etc.
  • U.S., India and World
    • Political Geography
    • Historical Geography
    • Physical Geography
    • Cultural Geography
    • Economic Geography
  • Current Events

For more details on the categories, please refer to National Geographic Bee.

Up to 25% in both categories can be from Indian Geography.

*Disclaimer: The NSF Geography Bee is not related to the National Geographic Bee conducted by the National Geographic Society though some similarities in format may exist, as one of its goals is to help children prepare for the latter.

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