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The North South Alumni Association was formed to create a community for Indian-American alumni by bringing such people together with various planned events and outings. These include hiking, 5K runs, museum visits, bike-a-thons, group volunteering, fundraising activities, and table talks on value-based, transformational topics that lead to a better life.

About North South Foundation

For the past 25+ years, the North South Foundation has been working with Indian American youth in the US as well as with underprivileged students in India, providing a specialized platform for academic success in both countries. In the US, we have conducted various educational contests and workshops in spelling, vocabulary, math, science, geography, essay writing, and public speaking. Our alumni have attained great heights in national bees in these categories, as well as game shows like Jeopardy. Additionally, we continue to go from strength to strength with our original mission of providing scholarships to the underprivileged and deserving children in India, by opening new chapters and increasing outreach there.

About North South Alumni Association

From the first generation of NorthSouth Foundation students to the most recent, we have observed that NorthSouth Foundation events are not only a platform for students to challenge themselves academically but also a source of community for Indian-Americans around the country. Through the Alumni Association, we aim to reconnect our Alumni, strengthen those bonds and build a sense of belonging. This is an opportunity to provide them with a strong professional and personal network that they can turn to for support and to find opportunities for leadership. We truly believe that our alumni, who are scattered around the country (and some around the world) achieving their dreams in a variety of careers, can be a source of strength for each other and for future generations.

The process

Volunteers will initiate the program by reaching out to parents of Alumni for current contact information of their alumni child(ren). Once we have the Alumni contact information, we will invite the alumni to join the association and provide support including technology infrastructure for them to formally kickoff the Alumni Association, establish process for new members, design and implement activities, and grow the association to serve the collective needs and causes of the Alumni.

How it helps

We expect the Alumni Association to

  • Connect back to the North-South/Indian roots
  • Build the alumni network and shape it into meaningful forums for the Indian-American Community
  • Have access to a strong professional and social support network to lean on and contribute to
  • Come together as a strong force to advocate for causes they believe in and make a difference in the world
  • Promote a strong sense of community, service and relationships

How to join

Please send your contact information to and you will be invited to join the Association.

For additional info, please review the FAQ document - ALUMNI FAQs.

You may get updates, by adding to your facebook pages.

Questions? Please contact the Alumni team at