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Geography Bee
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"Did you see this fantastic ad for the cruise in the Somalian waters? The rate is so good that it is practically free. Let us book this cruise for our vacation this year."

If any of your parents made such a statement and you have been reading about Current Events to study for the Geography Bee, you would be able to gently guide them in a different direction because you have been reading about the instability in the region.

A student who prepares for a geography bee is better able to understand various topics that have an impact on our planet. These include climate change, desertification, El Nino, and issues related to resource depletion. It will also help the student comprehend political geography, global political issues, international relations and the economy.

NSF Geography bee also has a small section devoted to Indian Geography and history.

For rules of the contest, the participants should refer to: Rules.

To understand the scope of the contest for your grade level, please go to: Syllabus.

For help in preparing for the geography contest, visit: Preparation.

If you have any more questions about the geography bee, visit: FAQ.

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