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Geography Bee : Preparation
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Sample Questions
Please click at the links below for Sample Questions.
Books & References
There are several books and online resources available to prepare for the NSF Geography Bee. Following are some of the resources:
  1. You can visit the following site:
  2. The Geography Bee Complete Preparation Handbook: "1001 Questions & Answers to Help You Win Again and Again" By Matthew T. Rosenberg, Jennifer E. Rosenberg, Michael Knight.
  3. You can visit the following site:
  4. National Geographic Society conducts National Geographic Bee every year across participating schools in US:
    National Geography Bee website.
  5. The GeoBeeChallenge Game:
  6. Website for preparing for the National Geographic Bee:

    *Disclaimer: The NSF Geography Bee is not related to the National Geographic Bee conducted by the National Geographic Society though some similarities in format may exist, as one of its goals is to help children prepare for the latter.
  7. "The Handy Geography Answer Book" By Matthew T. Rosenberg.
  8. "National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide" By Stephen F. Cunha
  9. Rosenberg website:
  10. A resource for Junior Geo Bee:
  11. Geography Bee Simplified - By Ram Iyer. (For the School Bee and Earlier Rounds of the State Geography Bee held by the National Geographic Society and other Geography competitions. Ideal for 4th and 5th graders) You can visit the following site:
  12. Geography Bee Demystified - By Ram Iyer. You can visit the following site:
  13. A site for study of India:
  14. Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, by Andrew Wojtanik, National Geographic Society, 2005.
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