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Science Bee
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Science is a great game. It is inspiring and refreshing. The playing field is the universe itself.
    - Isidor Isaac Rabi (1898-1988) U. S. physicist. Nobel prize 1944.

To inspire and nurture the interest and understanding of science among students in grades 2-9,

Science and Technology are the very fabric of modern life. Children of the modern age are adept at using technology even before they learn to read and write. Science - the basis of Technology - has deeper underpinnings as a part of our daily life. Scientific discoveries have their foundations in curiosity and wonder. Children are curious by nature and fascinated by novelty. Elementary school age is perhaps the perfect time to get them interested in science. Their natural curiosity will drive their learning. Deeper understanding of science will help our children appreciate and relate to the physical world around them. Science education provides children with valuable ideas and skills, and prepares them for potential scientific careers. Men and women of science form an important part of the future of our world. Without science and scientists, we will not be able to predict the weather, earthquakes and other natural disasters or, understand global warming and the impact of our actions on nature, or develop cures for deadly diseases, or develop technologies that enhance our lifestyles.

It is our belief that the NSF Science Bee will provide an additional enrichment to our children’s academic life and better prepare them for scientific careers. There are several goals for conducting the Science Bee, including the following:

  • To test understanding of science as it relates to everyday life
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for science
  • To foster scientific thinking, creativity and ingenuity
  • To enjoy the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges
  • To meet other students of Indian origin with similar scientific interests and develop friendships

The Science Bee contests will be conducted in two steps. In the first round, children will participate in a regional contest, conducted in various states throughout USA. Qualified winners of the regional contests will be invited to participate in the National Finals.

Science Bee competition will be split into three levels based on grade. Although the grouping of two or three grades into a single group does cause some disparity, the grouping is necessary due to logistical reasons and [potential] lack of contestants at each grade level. Younger children are strongly encouraged to participate, on equal basis, solely with the aim of familiarizing them with the contest and earn valuable experience. After all, in the true spirit of the contest, every contestant is a winner, for he/she has mustered the courage to face the challenge!

Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.
    - Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

Science Bee aims to get kids excited about exploring the universe around them!

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