NorthSouth Foundation announces Dollar A Square at National Finals
This finals BEE the helping hand and help raise 25 scholarships for 25 years The Dollar-A-Square (DAS) is a program that was started in 2003 through which children growing up here in the US can help another child in India by raising funds for NorthSouth Foundation's India Scholarships program. DAS is for the children by the children. It’s fun, easy and they get to "bee" the helping hand. The Pledge Sheet is very simple. It has 100 squares and each square is worth a dollar. By going around the neighborhood and asking family friends and classmates parents, children can easily fill in the squares. Children can ask for as little as a dollar. Usually donors come up with at least $5, if they explain the cause. Bee participants can gain free access to NorthSouth Foundation's on-line games when they complete 100 squares. DAS is fun and educational but most of all it develops a giving heart in your child.
  • Sign up, Print pledge sheet and Start your fund raising.
  • BRING your DAS sheet and money to the finals and see the grand total.
  • Certificate and free T-shirt for every 100 squares.