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Rules for National Public Speaking Finals
  1. The Public Speaking Bee Finals will be held for the Senior level ONLY:

    • SPW (Senior public speaking Bee): Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12
  2. A 1st rank winner at the National Finals of the North South Foundation senior public speaking bee is not eligible for competing in this and future North South Foundation spelling contests.
  3. The contestants for the competition will be placed in a separate room (Room A, Waiting Room). Badge numbers will determine the order of the speakers.
  4. Each contestant will be escorted to a separate room (Room B, Preparation Room) 30 minutes before the contestant’s turn, where he/she will be given the speech topic. Thus the contestants will not know the topic ahead of time. No smart phones or any other devices are allowed inside the room during preparation time.
  5. When the 30 minutes are over, the contestant will be escorted to the contest room (Room C) to give the speech. The contestant will have 3 minutes to deliver a short speech on the given topic. All the contestants are given the same topic.
  6. Each contestant will be scored by a panel of three judges and the average of the three scores will be used to rank the contestants. The judges will score on
    14 criteria on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest score possible for that criterion. The decisions of the judges are final.
  7. Winners and Ranks:
  8. The First, Second and Third place winners are decided based on the average of the three judges scores. The first place winner shall be ahead by at least 0.01 point to be declared as the champion.
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