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Brain Bee
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What is the NSF Brain Bee?

A song listened to, a walk in the park, the colors of a rainbow – sensations, memory, pain and joy – are all housed in a barely three pound tissue – the brain. The NSF Brain Bee is aimed at increasing the awareness of the brain – the final frontier in our Inner space!

What is eligible?

There are two levels:

  • Intermediate Brain Bee (IBB): Grades 6, 7 and 8
  • Senior Brain Bee (SBB): Grades 9, 10 and 11
Why two levels?

The IBB basically gets your feet wet with some interesting Brain basics. The SBB, in addition to learning about this exciting organ, also prepares you for the US National Brain Bee. Competitions are conducted in different regions and the winner gets to compete in the national competition. The US national winner will then compete in the International Brain Bee.

How do I prepare?

For the NSF regional contests:

  • IBB: The material is posted on the NSF Website
  • SBB: The Brain Facts book (2012) posted on the NSF Website

At present, only the SBB contestants would have a chance to compete in the NSF National Finals (by invitation).

What can I expect in the test?

Questions will be of multiple choice/fill in the blanks type. Answers for up to 70% of the questions are in the material prescribed for the respective levels.

Some interesting sites:

Now, go fire up your synapses!

Good Luck!

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