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Public Speaking
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NSF started Public Speaking contests in 2006 help and educate our children on how to prepare and present a speech before their peers or to a group of people. The preparation should help the students to become successful communicators and deliver better speeches without becoming nervous.

There are several goals for conducting the Public Speaking Bee. To enumerate a few:

  • To make public speaking not as a chore or stressful event but to make it as an enjoyable task
  • To better prepare for excelling in public speaking
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for public speaking
  • To develop important skills in delivering a better and powerful speeches
  • To develop creativity and ingenuity in situations where one needs to deliver speeches at a short notice

Students should familiarize themselves with the Public Speaking Contest Rules.

For help with preparing for the contest, go to Public Speaking Preparation.

For any questions regarding the contest, go to Public Speaking FAQ.

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