North South Foundation : ExcelaThon
Encourage Education - The Gift of a Lifetime
Did you know that just $250 pays one year's tuition for a college student in India?

North South Foundation was founded to promote and foster academic excellence. Through contests and programs over the years, we have helped fund more than 15,000 scholarships in India. These scholarships are for academically gifted students in India who cannot afford to pay tuition. Now in its 27th year, the NorthSouth Foundation community has set a goal to double the number of scholarships over the next five years.

How can you help? As a contestant, we challenge you to raise funds by asking your network to sponsor your cause to spread academic excellence. Excel-a-thon is a new program which allows others to sponsor NorthSouth Foundation contestants who want to raise funds for scholarships in India. We hope that you will reach out to your family, relatives, neighbors and friends, and ask them to sponsor your cause. If you can get only ten donors to contribute $25 each, you will help one student in India go to college. You can be proud of your achievement and help someone in need excel academically - a Noble Cause Through a Brilliant Mind!

This program is voluntary but our hope is that we will have 100% participation. NorthSouth Foundation is entirely volunteer driven with no overhead of administrative costs. 100% of donations go directly to the cause. Please register now to make a difference. Once you register you will be able to set up your own personalized page on the NorthSouth Foundation website. We have also included instructions and frequently asked questions to provide you with more information on the program. There will be special recognition and prizes for contestants who raise the most.

You are doing more than participating in a contest; you are bringing education to those in need through Excel-a-thon! Together we can make a huge impact to Indian society and the lives of academically gifted students who just do not have the money to pay for a college education. We hope that you will reach out to your family, relatives, friends and neighbors, and ask them to support our critical mission.

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Dr. Ratnam Chitturi and the NorthSouth Foundation 2015 Fundraising Committee

Thank you for your generous support in education!

If you have problems in making payment contact for assistance.