USA Liaison, Moradabad, UP

Neelabh Maheshwari : Neelabh found out about NSF by chance through his sister’s spelling bee contest. He sought information about the NSF scholarships and decided to start a chapter in an area that was not well represented.Soon after, Neelabh contacted NSF and successfully started the UP chapter. He is planning to continue to expand the chapter in the coming years.Neelabh’s volunteer work does not end with NSF. In India, he has started a drug awareness program in a drug-infected area and has volunteered extensively at a rural clinic that provides eye care free of cost. In the US, Neelabh has volunteered in his university health center and various other hospitals. Neelabh is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and is planning to attend medical school. As a physician, Neelabh plans to continue his local and global community service.

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