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2019 Calendar
This is the main page of 2019 Regional Contest Calendar. This page provides a detailed information about the Contests for every Chapter. The Chapters are listed by State, so click on a state to see information about Contest Date, Venue and name, email and phone number of person(s) to be contacted for the Contests.

*Caution: Before you select contests and register, make certain that contests are offered in your chapter. If you do not see any contests in your chapter, consult your Chapter Director. You cannot select contests and register until the contest calendar is set for your location. It is possible that the calendar may exist for a neighboring chapter in your cluster in which case you can choose to register there or wait until your chapter calendar is set.

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Following is the Contest Calendar of Chapters in State: AL

  Contest   Date/Check-in Time
    Venue     Contact Info
Auburn, AL Contests not yet scheduled for this center. Venue information is not yet available. Mrs. Jayashree Sridhar
Chapter Director


Mrs. Jayashree Sridhar

Ms. Nikitha Sridhar

Mr. Akhil Radhakrishnan

Birmingham, AL
Reg. Closes: 4/14/2019
JSB 4/27/2019  9:00 AM
SSB 4/27/2019  9:00 AM
MB1 4/27/2019  9:00 AM
MB2 4/27/2019  9:00 AM
MB3 4/27/2019  9:00 AM
JGB 4/27/2019  9:00 AM
SGB 4/27/2019  9:00 AM
Venue information is not yet available. Mrs. Lavanya Bheemanathini
Chapter Director


Mrs. Lavanya Bheemanathini

Mrs. Nimmi Raj

Dr. Suresh Grandhi

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