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Geography Bee : FAQ
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What is the North South Foundation (NSF) Geography Bee?

The NSF Geography Bee is intended as an opportunity for elementary and middle school children to study geography and become more aware of the importance of Geography in day-to-day events.


What is the importance of Geography?

Scarcely a day goes by when we are not reminded by the media of the ongoing struggle for survival that is being waged in all the far-flung corners of Planet Earth. Headlines tell of Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, a flood in Bangladesh, a famine in Ethiopia or an earthquake in Guatemala. We read of war in Iraq and Afghanistan or terrorism in the Middle East. Our TV screens show us these events in great graphic detail. An adequate understanding of Geography enriches our understanding of the news in its proper context.

For example, we will better understand why an earthquake near Indonesia in the Indian Ocean can affect so many countries around it. We should try to understand not only where these events are occurring, but also why they are taking place and how they will impact our lives.

Knowledge of Geography impacts our understanding of international relations, economy, history, environment, etc.

Finally a shrinking globe and global village are fast becoming a reality during the 21 st century. Geography is all the more relevant in adjusting to this new reality. The knowledge of differing peoples and places one a better citizen of the World today!


Why is there a focus on India in NSF Geography bee?

Being Indian-Americans, it is our responsibility and pride to impart the knowledge of Indian geography, history and its culture to our children. That is why we are making it a part of the syllabus for the NSF Geography Bee.


Who can participate in the NSF Geography Bee contest?

See the section on Geography Contest Rules.


Can a Junior Geography Bee contestant also participate in the Senior Geography Bee?

No, a participant can only participate in one Geography bee and in one regional center only. Eligible contestants from the regional competitions will be invited into the same bee for the NSF National Finals event.


Can a child in Kindergarten (KG) participate in the Junior Geography Bee?

Yes, a child in KG is allowed to participate in Junior Geography Bee, on an equal basis without any special privileges. Parents should bring young children into the contest with the primary aim of getting them familiar with the Bee. Over the last several years many young children have participated and done exceedingly well in various contests.


How can I register for the NSF Geography Bee contest?

Online registration via NSF homepage is generally available, starting early January. You can also refer to the Regional Contest Calendar or ask your Regional Coordinator about registration deadlines and contest dates.


How can we make our children motivated?

Make learning fun by having Maps displayed visibly at home. This creates stimulating environment that may stir an interest in Geography from an early age. A lot of learning can happen without the child even realizing it! Watch the news regularly as a family and encourage discussion of events. This would help the young children to become aware of the events happening around them.


How can my children prepare for the NSF Geography Bee contest?

See the section on Geography Bee Preparation.


By competing in the NSF Geography Bee, can my children become eligible to participate in the National Geographic Bee?

NSF Geography Bee is not associated with the National Geographic Bee. You need to consult with your children’s school on the rules for entering the National Geographic Bee. What is important, however, is that by participating in the NSF contest, your child will be better prepared to compete in the National Geographic Bee.


Will the NSF Geography Bee be conducted at all centers where spelling bees are conducted?

NSF Senior Geography Bee is offered at all chapters. However, Junior Geography Bee is still offered as a pilot program only at selective centers . Consult your Chapter Coordinator for the specific contests being offered in your location.


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