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History Bee
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"Wow, Hamilton was such a good show! And I understood all of the history! We need to see more musicals like this!"

If you have ever read about history and current events to study for the History Bee, you would be able to understand the complex history behind Hamilton too!

A student who prepares for a history bee is better able to understand various topics that have an impact on our world. These include current conflicts, borders, governments, and how we live today. Students will be able to comprehend the world and events going on around them more clearly, and become better informed citizens.

NSF History Bee also has a section devoted to Indian History.

For rules of the contest, the participants should refer to: Rules.

To understand the scope of the contest for your grade level, please go to: Syllabus.

For help in preparing for the history contest, visit: Preparation.

If you have any more questions about the history bee, visit: FAQ.

Note: NSF History Bee is being introduced in 2019 and will be offered as a pilot program only at selected centers at the Regional level. It will not be offered at the National level in 2019.

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