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If somebody said to you - "The use of complicated wording as an overall literary technique needs to encompass graphic and individual comprehension to allow the reader to become acquainted with the unique terminological aspects employed by the author", you don’t want to respond by saying "Eh, what ?". If your vocabulary was good, you would comprehend the sentence and you would be good at interpreting context clues, recognizing word roots, and analyzing common relationships between words.

To enrich vocabulary and improve English usage of US students of Indian origin, NSF started Vocabulary contests in 1994.

The kids can prepare for the contest using Preparation.

The kids should familiarize themselves with the Rules.

If you have still have any questions, go to FAQ.

Hopefully kids will improve their vocabulary and will be able to express themselves better than a high school student who wrote the following in his essay –

    Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.

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