About the Instructors :
These courses are taught by high school students who have been selected for their outstanding mathematical abilities and achievements, teaching abilities, and leadership potential through a rigorous selection and interview process from a pool of around 600 applicants. Each class is staffed by an instructor and an associate instructor in a supporting role. These instructors have the highest levels of achievements excelling in various math competitions including USA(J)MO, AIME, AMC 10/12, and MATHCOUNTS State and National Levels.
Aarav Reddy

Aarav is a rising freshman at Somerset Arts Conservatory.  He is in the Somerset Academy Marching Band which placed 2nd at finals last year. He loves robotics and has competed in many FLL competitions in his middle school career. He competes at multiple math competitions like AMC8 and Mathcounts. He received National Level Recognition in 7th grade Duke Tip SAT. He took an accelerated Math Program in 8th grade taking Geometry and Algebra 2 Honors in the same year! He is now taking AICE MAthematics along with AICEGeneral English Paper, AP Human Geography , AP Psychology, and many dual enrollment courses like Music Appreciation, Astrology, and Medical Terminology. He is President of the National Junior Honor Society at his school and is an active member of many other service clubs and honor societies such as Key Club, Tri-M SNHS HOSA  Mu Alpha Theta, Youth in Gov and even Class office. He enjoys watching Netflix and listening to Ariana Grande.

Abhinav Pothuri

Abhinav Pothuri is a sophomore at Buchholz High School in Florida. He has participated in state and national Math competitions for over five years, winning many of them. He has participated in MathCounts for three years. Abhinav is currently on his school Math Team which has won first place in the National Mu Alpha Theta Math Competition for 12 of the past 13 years, and has won first in the State Mu Alpha Math Competition in 13 of the past 14 years. He has participated in AMC 10 and 12, as well as the High School Math League. Currently, Abhinav is taking an accelerated Math program, which allows him to master competition math. Abhinav has taken and gotten a perfect score in AP Physics 1 and 2, AP World History, AP Environmental Science, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Microeconomics. He will take 5 more exams in his sophomore year. Abhinav is interested in playing piano, mridangam, playing chess and loves science, especially physics. He has taken and gotten a perfect 5 in AP Physics 1 and 2, and is taking the F=MA exam this year to get into USAPHO. Abhinav also participates in his school Science Bowl team which has gotten into the National Science Bowl. He has also been a part of his school history bowl team which made the NSBB National Finals but was unable to attend due to COVID-19.

Abigail Thomas

Abigail is a junior attending high school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She was recognized nationally in Math Olympiad. She has also achieved the Presidential Gold Medal for Educational Excellence in elementary and junior high school. In 2017 and 2018, she placed 2nd and 1st respectively in the regional North South Foundation vocabulary bee. In 2018 she placed nationally as well. In 2019, she placed 1st in Brain Bee regionally. She coached MB1 last year. In addition to academic competitions, she is also an oboist who participated in the IHSA Solo and Ensemble competition and received a Division I for oboe solo and quartet. She is also the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper. She is taking AP calculus BC this year and has an A in the class. In her free time, she likes to read and spend time with friends. 

Advika Namasivayam

Advika Namasivayam is a freshman at Millard North High School in Nebraska. Advika placed first in the highschool in the AMC 10 Competition as an eighth-grader, receiving the Maryam Mirzakhani Award. She took Honors AlgebraⅡin 8th grade and completed both AlgebraⅠand Geometry in 7th. She placed 1st in the MATHCOUNTS school competition and 2nd in the Chapter competition. She has placed in the NSF competitions since 2nd grade and was selected for the nationals multiple times. She was also 1st in the state in the Math Kangaroo competition. Advika was on the superior honor roll throughout middle school and has straight A’s in school. She has a passion for music, plays the piano, the violin, and sings Carnatic music. She has participated and won in Carnatic music competitions across the US and India. She has performed in various places. She is very interested in teaching others and volunteering to help the community.

Akshay Raj

Akshay is a junior at Lambert High School in Georgia. He was an instructor for NSF’s MATHCOUNTS Crash Course – Advanced this past summer. In middle school he qualified for MATHCOUNTS State twice, and he placed 5th in the State BETA Convention 2017. Akshay is the current Lambert Math Club Officer for the 2020-2021 school year, and he has placed in many high school math competitions, including 2nd in the State BETA Convention 2020, AIME Qualifier, Kennesaw Math Qualifier, University of North Georgia Qualifier, and a Team 1st in Region/6th in State in the Statewide Math Competition. He completed AP Calculus AB and BC last year and is currently in Georgia Tech’s Dual Enrollment program, taking Math 1554: Linear Algebra. Aside from math, Akshay is a nationally-ranked chess player, and he is a 4x State Chess Grade Level Champion. He enjoys running and is a part of his school’s cross country and track team. In his free time, Akshay pursues music and coding as he looks towards the Computer Science field. 

Anjali Vadlamudi

Anjali Vadlamudi is a senior at American Heritage School Boca/Delray. She’s been doing math for as long as she remembers and was an avid NSF participant. She has competed in various competitions including FAMAT, AMC, MathCounts, AIME, and ARML. She is the regional coordinator for Florida’s student math association(FLSAM) and vice president of her math competition club. She has been teaching for NSF Math for the past four years and helps in writing questions for future NSF competitions. When she’s not doing math, she loves sleeping, listening to music, binge watching Netflix shows, and trying to play tennis.

Anuprabha Dandapat

Anuprabha is a freshman at Lexington High School in Lexington, MA. Anuprabha has been participating in NSF Math and Science Competitions since 5th grade and has been placed always amongst the toppers of the state to be qualified for the Nationals every year. She was placed 10th in the Nationals at DC for Science Bee in 2018. She has been a member of the school MATHCOUNTS team and Science Bowl A Team and Science Olympiad team since 6th grade. She was placed in the distinguished honor roll in AMC8 2020, placed 14th in Math Kangaroo competition and scored a 760 in Math in the SAT while in 7th grade and was recognised to be in the Grand Recognition Ceremony at DC and was invited to be a member of the Study of Exceptional Talent (SET) at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY). She was among the few to be considered in an advanced honors Math course in her freshman year and will be pursuing AP Calculus AB and BC in the following years. She is also very passionate about chemistry and was placed 4th (2018), 2nd (2019) and 1st (2020) in the YBTC competition at the MA State level competition. Anuprabha is passionate about teaching young kids and enjoys classical singing and dancing and reading as well as playing tennis in her free time.

Aruna Dronamraju

Aruna Dronamraju is an enthusiastic learner and educator. She enjoys solving math puzzles and problems in her free time with her daughter. She has taught NSF kids SAT/ACT Math in junior and senior levels for a few years and then took a break for personal reasons. She has volunteered for many years in local schools and school districts. Aruna is a private math tutor for Middle and High School students from different states. She helps her students prepare for Math competitions and for standardized tests like AP Calculus BC, SAT and ACT. Many of her students scored  perfect scores  in ACT/SAT math and in subject SAT (Math level 2). Aruna completed  her  Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and earned her Masters in Math education from Purdue University. 

Bharath Ram

Bharath Ram is a high school sophomore from Florida. In middle school, he placed first in his MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition and attended State twice, as well as leading his Noetic Math team to victory. He has experience mentoring his former middle school’s MATHCOUNTS club and has been part of his school’s Mu Alpha Theta club. He has also helped to create NSF MATHCOUNTS Coaching content. Bharath was an active participant in NSF regional and national competition from kindergarten to 8th grade. He has placed first multiple times in the regional math competitions and he has taken 2nd in geography and 4th in science at the national level.  He took pre-calculus as a freshman and is currently taking AP Calculus. In middle school, he also enjoyed success as the leader of his Scholar Bowl, Academic World Quest, and Debate teams. He currently participates in Model UN conferences, the Commissioner’s Academic Challenge, and Mu Alpha Theta competitions. In the Scripps spelling bee, he has won his district competition and attended the National Finals twice. He enjoys playing the piano and the cello. In his free time, he likes to play tennis, ping-pong and videogames. 

Deetya Nagri

Deetya is a freshman at Nashua High School South in New Hampshire. She has competed in many math competitions, qualifying for MATHCOUNTS Nationals in 2019 and States all 3 years of middle school, NSF Math Bee Nationals for many years, and receiving the AMC 10 Young Student Certificate of Achievement in 2020. In school, she has completed Precalculus and is currently taking an accelerated AP Calculus BC course. Deetya was also an associate instructor in the Advanced level of the NSF Summer 2020 MathCounts Crash Course. She was captain of her middle school National Science Bowl team which placed 3rd at MIT in February 2020. She is also interested in science and she was inducted as a 2020 American Junior Academy of Sciences research fellow for her research project in behavioral science. In her spare time, Deetya learns Bharatanatyam dance and enjoys baking.

Eesha Kandukuri

Eesha Kandukuri is a Sophomore at Memorial High School in Frisco, Texas. Eesha has been interested in stem activities ever since a young age, competing in robotics for 5 years, and taking numerous STEM related courses encompassing designing, coding, engineering, and problem-solving/collaborative skills. Leadership and public speaking have helped me develop essential communicative skills, helping her assume many leadership positions, which she loves taking on! Eesha also loves to challenge myself in school, taking multiple AP courses and have participated in many clubs such as DECA, Academic Decathalon, Student Council, Rocketry, Robotics, Video Production, Yearbook, French and Dance honor society, and Eesha is an officer and class respresentative of her school's GIS chapter. Outside of school, Eesha have been singing for 8 years now, and she dance as well. Eesha also really enjoys volunteering and has been a part of the Discovery Corps assistant program this summer, and is now a year-round volunteer. She has also taught Telugu for two years at a non-profit organization, regularly volunteers at a climate change organization overseeing multiple volunteers, and has recently volunteered to aid hospitals through the creation and donation of face shields. Eesha has attended a few NSF courses before, but this is her first time volunteering as a coach, and she is really looking forward to it! 

Harika Madiraju

Harika Madiraju is a high school junior from California. She has taken AP classes in the past, and is currently taking four more this year, including AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC, and she is planning to take more advanced math courses in the future. Math has always been her favorite subject, and she has won several awards in past competitions. She also has experience coaching students in the past, for Robotics and Science Field Day events. Over the summer, she has started tutoring elementary and middle schoolers in competition level math, as well. She really enjoys teaching students, and is excited to start coaching with NSF.

Harshil Garg

Harshil is a junior at The Harker School in San Jose, CA. Harshil has been competing in the NSF Math Bee since 3rd grade and has qualified for the nationals 4 times. Aside from NSF, he qualified to the MathCounts state competition as an individual and has won awards in many other competitions. He has qualified for the AIME exam since 8th grade and got the highest score at his school in the AMC 10 in 10th grade. Harshil has taken many advanced courses and is currently in multivariable calculus. Aside from math, Harshil really enjoys history and geography, and he has his own organization in which he makes study guides and webinars to help people with AP History courses. He is also the managing editor of his school’s historical research journal and an officer of the school’s Model UN club. He plays the french horn in his school’s orchestra and a youth symphony outside of school. He is also pursuing a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts. Harshil really enjoys volunteering and helping other students learn.

Harshil Vejendla

Harshil Vejendla is a current Freshman at the Middlesex County Academy for Math, Science and Engineering Technologies which is currently ranked number 33rd for high schools i 

Kaushal Janga

Kaushal is a Rising Junior. He participated in Pennsylvania MATHCOUNTS States and secured 7th place with his team. Over the past 2 years he has been tutoring lower income kids in Prealgebra and Algebra 1. He was also awarded the John Hopkins University Student of Exceptional talent Grand Honors, as well as being a 2x State Chess Champion. Because of everything he has done to help his community, he has qualified for the World Leadership Congress. Finally, he took AP Calc BC and AP Chem during his Sophomore Year.

Krutin Devesh

Krutin is a junior at Greenhill School in Addison, Texas. He qualified for the AIME and has placed highly in other regional and state level math competitions as an officer for his school’s math team. At school, he has completed both introductory Calculus and AP Calculus BC, currently enrolled in Calculus III. As an instructor, he has been a part of the NSF Mathcounts coaching staff for the past two years, working with over 40 students, and has also taught students and developed curriculum in debate and chess. Outside of math, Krutin is a senior member of his school band where he is the principal bassoonist, and a leader for the nationally-ranked Greenhill debate team.

Maryam Iqbal

Maryam is a junior in Washington. She enjoys learning math and science, though is well rounded in various academic subjects. In the Northwest Regional Math Olympiad competitions, Maryam has achieved outstanding placement, including 2nd and 4th place finishes in various years. Continuing to prove her excellence in mathematics, she holds a National Honor Roll medal from the Spring Noetic Learning Math Contest as well as won the Math Enrichment Challenge Program. Her talent spans beyond math as well, as her 2nd place medal from History Day in 2019 shows. Throughout her years as a student, Maryam has been on honor roll since 7th grade and has taken classes both at the Honors and AP level. She balances her time at school with various hobbies, including volunteering, playing violin solo and in a chamber orchestra, and practicing languages. In addition to English, she has become advanced in speaking Spanish, Arabic, French, and Urdu. Aside from the spoken languages, Maryam has developed an interest in computer languages, and has taken initiative to earn a certificate in Python and to begin learning Java. She also enjoys research, particularly related to health. Her projects include deep research into various health topics, such as cancer, oral health, health disparities, and behavioral health. Working as a research intern at the University of Washington, she has been given the opportunity to present on certain topics of interest at conferences in the Northwest. Due to the success of her research, Maryam’s poster was also awarded a scholarship package to attend the WSPHA conference. Recently, she has been attempting to incorporate her interests in statistics and computer science into her research, for example, by conducting analysis with software platforms like SPSS and Epi Info. Finally, despite her academic commitments, musical endeavors, and variety of interests, Maryam spends the rest of her free time tutoring elementary and middle school students, reading and hiking.

Muskan Kumar

Greetings everyone! My name is Muskan Kumar and I’m a rising junior at Sharon High School. I’m an honors student at SHS and I’m currently taking several AP classes this year. I’ve been on the math team in Sharon since elementary school and I’m also a varsity LD debater in high school. Last year I placed in the 99th percentile for the PSAT 10. I recently graduated from the Russian School of Math, an intensive math program designed for students who are passionate about mathematics. Math has been one of my favorite subjects since I was little, and I love applying what I learn to real-life applications such as physics. Outside of academics, I’m a competitive swimmer and have been the MVP for my school for the past two years. I represented my school at states several times and have been coaching and conducting swim clinics for the past couple years. During the summer, I was a creator of the content for the NSF MathCounts course that will be used this fall. I’m excited to continue working with NSF and I look forward to teaching Pre MathCounts Advanced this fall!

Navya Bharath Shankar

Navya is a high school freshman at Lambert High School in Georgia. She has been a regular participant at NSF contents in the last nine years. She also made it to NSF finals for public speaking, essay writing, spelling, and math contests. She also made it to the county spelling bee contest once. She is also an active member of school clubs like Academic Bowl, DECA, BETA, and Debate Club. In DECA, she reached State Level contests 3 times and received higher scores than her fellow contestants who were 3 to 4 senior to her . In academics, she takes all advanced courses, but her favorites are Math and AP Human Geography. Her hobbies and interests include drawing and reading. She reads a TON! She loves to spend time with kids (that includes her little brother) and even volunteered time in a pre-school during her summer vacation in India. She thinks learning is fun and she wants to make your learning fun too! 

Neeta Upadhyay

Hello NSF Kids and Parents, I am Neeta Upadhyay. I am based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and head the DataScience department in one of the leading healthcare insurance company in Dayton, Ohio. I have also consulted with multiple Fortune 500 companies in the past and have a MBA in Finance and Strategy from University Chicago Booth School of Business. An engineer by training, I have always loved working with data and numbers and try to foster that in both of my sons, aged 8 and 5. I also have helped coach my son's Destination Imagination team in the past. When not working, you will find me hiking with my family and exploring new parks during the weekends. I am very excited to coach MB2 Intermediate class this fall and help grow love of Math in kids. 

Nidhi Krishna Kumar

Nidhi is a rising Sophomore at Olympia High School in Olympia, Washington. She participated in MATHCOUNTS 6-8th grade, and qualified for MATHCOUNTS State in both 7th and 8th grade. In 8th grade, she was selected as a Broadcom MASTERS semifinalist in 2019. She completed Precalculus and is taking AP Calculus AB this year. Last year she was a nationalist for the Mathleague.org high school competition. She has extensive experience teaching younger students from teaching dance classes as well as from tutoring fellow MATHCOUNTS club members in 8th grade. Apart from studies, Nidhi enjoys music, having taken piano and vocal lessons from a young age, and she is also a part of her high school chamber orchestra, playing violin. She is also an avid member of FBLA, and was selected to take part in last year’s NLE. She also enjoys sports, including track, tennis, and Muay Thai kickboxing.

Pranav Hariharan

Pranav is a junior at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, which is part of UNT in Texas. He has qualified for the AIME once, and ranked top 5 in AMC 10A scores in his school. He’s currently in the CS track where he’s taking all AP Courses, and part of the CSO club, Research organization, Mu Alpha Theta, and science olympiad. He’s very passionate about math and has always been taking high level courses in science and math. At his previous highschool he was selected to be the president of the French club, and has also been part of a non-profit volunteering group for the past 2 years. He has already volunteered as a teacher at NSF as well. He’s also currently working as an undergraduate lab assistant under Dr. Krishna Kavi in computer science research. 

Rachitha Vijayakumar

Rachitha is a junior at Enloe Magnet High School in Raleigh, NC. From a very young age, she has been passionate about math and science and has loved learning about human biology. She has wanted to go into medicine ever since 5th grade, and has taken various steps to get closer to this goal. In her high school, she is currently in the Medical BioScience Academy and has toured and met with doctors in the UNC hospitals. This year, she will be job shadowing doctors in the area as well as completing an internship at a medical center. She has competed in HOSA both her freshman and sophomore year and has placed at the state level for her events. In her sophomore year, she got A’s in both AP Calculus AB and BC and she is currently taking Calculus 3/Differential Equations at NC State University as a part of the dual enrollment program. Apart from Calculus 3, she is also taking AP Physics C Mechanics, AP English Language, IB History of the Americas, and AP Biology. She also started her own club, Mock Shark Tank, at her school which gives students the chance to be in a simulation of shark tank. Volunteering has always been a passion of hers and before COVID, every Saturday she would be at different events helping out the community. She has been tutoring at her local Kumon center for the past 2 years as well as teaching math 6+/7+ to kids in the RTP area, giving her plenty of experience teaching younger kids. Over the summer, Rachitha was a content creator for the MathCounts program at NSF and currently she is an admin for the Math and Me Initiative.Outside of math, Rachitha has been learning Carnatic Music for the past 8 years and has performed at various venues in North Carolina. 

Raj Chintapalli

Volunteer at North South Foundation for more than 10 years now. Currently Director of Cherry Hill Chapter of North South foundation. Did my Bachelors in Mining Engineering from VNIT Nagpur and Post Baccalaureate in Business Essentials from The Wharton Business School, Philadelphia. Teaching and learning is fun! Got certified as Vedic Math teacher and then trained the first batch of Vedica Math teachers at North South Foundation. This will be my third time teaching Vedic Math at North South foundation. 

Rajasekhar Anumula

Hello NSF family ; myself Raj and I’m based out of Portland , OR. Like many of your parents ; a software engineer and I work at Nike. I specialize into Artificial intelligence , Machine Learning and love numbers. I’d be teaching MB2 beginner session for this fall and super excited to teach the kids. During my spare time ; me and my kids love playing Math puzzles. Ask me for the tips and tricks during the classes and would love to share them.  Outside my job ; I love to run. Every summer I clock 1000 miles(dont ask me why the number 1000 but that just came about few years back). Can’t wait to see you all. 

Rishi Shetty

Rishi is a freshman at Blue Valley Southwest High School in Kansas City. He competed in NSF competitions from first to eighth grade, and qualified for nationals in spelling three times.He participated in Mathcounts regional competitions for all three years of his middle school. In seventh grade, he took the ACT and qualified for the DukeTip summer program because of his score in the math section. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and the violin. 

Rohith Madhuker

Rohith Madhuker is currently a freshman (9th grader) at Enloe G Magnet High School at Raleigh, NC. He is very passionate in Math and Computer Science. He has completed all high school math courses including Pre Calculus in Middle school. He is currently taking AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC compacted. Some of his accomplishments in math are : He was Invited for Duke Tip State, and Grand recognition ceremony for SAT in 7th grade. Got Distinguished honor roll for the AMC 8 (Second place in his middle school) and has also placed 5th in his school for the AMC10. First place in Level 2 State Math. Was invited to Duke to participate in Duke Math meet in 8th grade. A coaching faculty of RTP Tutors- coaching Math 3 (11th grade math) during this summer. Finished all high school courses in Middle School with High A’s. Participated in NSF nationals For Geography Math and Science for 5 years (7th in NSF geography nationals in 3rd grade). He is also Passionate in Geography, and participated/won in several competitions. He Was invited to Berlin for the International Geography Olympiad. Semifinalist twice in row for Geography Olympiad at National Level. 6th in state for National Geographic bee in 4th grade. This summer he ran a coaching program in geography for almost 100 kids in his Community. Some of the activities he does in his freetime include playing soccer, playing video games, and he has also participated in Robotics since the past 3 years.

Saathvik Selvan

Saathvik Selvan is currently a junior at the American Heritage School in Plantation, Florida. His passion for math and computer science has led him to participate in many competitions in these areas. He has been competing in the AMC 10 since 6th grade and has qualified for AIME since 8th grade. Last year, he was able to get on the Distinguished Honor Roll for AMC 10. He has competed in Math Kangaroo since 1st grade, and was one of 10 students to represent the USA at the Math Kangaroo Poland Camp in 2019. He has also competed in the USACO and is currently in the Gold Division. Since 1st grade, he has been competing in various NSF contests in the Math, Science, Spelling, and Vocabulary categories, qualifying for nationals every year since. As a freshman, he was able to participate in the APNA program, going to his hometown in India and teaching children various concepts in Vocabulary and Math. In his free time, he enjoys doing interesting math and competitive programming problems, playing video games, and practicing the drums.

Shampa Kandoi

Shampa currently works at a leading Aerospace & Defense Company where she manages an Engineering Team. She completed her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and B.E. in Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani. Shampa lives in Connecticut with her husband and son. In her free time, Shampa enjoys solving word/math puzzles and listening to music. Shampa has a passion for teaching, a love for Math, and enjoys working with kids. This will be her third year serving as the NSF MB2 coach. 

Smita Sood

Smita Sood is an educator and a researcher. She has done her M.Sc. (Mathematics) from IIT Delhi , M.Phil (Mathematics) from Delhi University and her Ph.D from MD University, Rohtak. She has extensive teaching experience of an Assistant Professor at various elite and scientifically oriented universities of India Her research interests include Special Functions, Mathematical Programming, Predictive Analytics. She has more than 14 years of teaching experience. She has published  fifteen research papers in International Journals. She has conducted several training programs/workshops. She is well versed with various statistical tools like PYTHON, SPSS, R etc of Data Analytics. She loves teaching, interacting with young minds. Looking forward to teaching Mathcounts.

Sneha Deepak

Sneha is a sophomore in Plainsboro, New Jersey. She is an honors student. She has been teaching in the North South Foundation program for 2 years and has competed and won awards in various NSF competitions. She also tutors local middle school students in all subject areas. Additionally, she is a Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award recipient and is a member of her highschool’s Business and Debate clubs. Outside of school, Sneha loves to sing, play the violin, and paint. She has been learning Carnatic music for the past 10 years and has performed in various venues throughout the East Coast. Sneha enjoys volunteering to help the community and looks forward to coaching this Fall!

Sribalaji Marella

Sribalaji is a junior in high school at Ridge High School. He has taken 8 AP classes throughout his sophomore and junior years in high school. He is taking the AP Capstone program during this time. He took the SAT in high school, scoring a 790 on the Math section and scored 1540 overall. He took the PSAT in 11th grade, and got Commended Scholar, while getting perfect on the Math section. He has also played the clarinet for 5 years, and has performed in numerous recitals. He is very involved in competition math, including his high scores on the AMC and the AIME Competitions. He looks forward to teaching kids about math and helping them improve.

Tanusri Mandapati

Tanusri Mandapati is a senior at Rickards High School in Florida. She has been competing in various math competitions since kindergarten, and has competed at the MATHCOUNTS state level for three years. She is currently the Vice President of her school’s Mu Alpha Theta club, and has tutored middle and high school students in competitive math (from Pre-Algebra to Precalculus). She is also a top 20 Math Kangaroo National Winner, four-time AIME Qualifier, and two-time MIT Math Prize for Girls Qualifier. Besides math, Tanusri is very interested in coding, and is a USACO Silver Division Qualifier.

Vasudha Ramanujam

Vasudha is a senior at Plymouth High School in Michigan. She has participated in NSF competitions since second grade and has qualified for nationals every year in a variety of subjects, every year including math. She participated in MathCOUNTS in middle school and made it to states every year as well as team captain in 7th and 8th grade. She has qualified for AIME and has been in the Michigan Math Prize Competition’s Top 100 every year from 8th grade. She has participated in many other competitions and has been the captain of her school’s Math Olympiad club since 11th grade. Vasudha has completed AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics, both with fives on the AP exam, and is currently dual enrolling both calculus and physics at her local college. Vasudha is the chapter head and one of the founding members of the Detroit branch of InteGIRLS, a registered nonprofit organization that aims to engage and empower girls and non-binary students in STEM. Apart from studies, Vasudha enjoys music--she has been learning Carnatic music since she was five--and dance--she has been learning Bharatanatyam since she was seven. 

Vedant Aryan

Vedant is a freshman at Hopkins School in New Haven, CT. He’s competed in MATHCOUNTS for three years, making states all three years and being the team captain in the latter two. In the most recent CT state mathcounts competition, he came 4th in countdown and so did his team. He came first in the state for Math Kangaroo and placed in the top 10 nationally. He is a regional finalist in the national science and academic Bee. He received an award of achievement on the AMC 10 and ranked first in his school. He was in his Varsity High School Math Team, being the youngest member, and is AP Calculus BC. He is also interested in dancing, music, and running.

Vedant Davé

Vedant Davé is a rising Sophomore at Olentangy High School in Delaware, Ohio. He’s extremely passionate about both math and music, and has excelled in both. In just fifth grade, he took Algebra 1. He has received the Outstanding Student Award during the school awards ceremony in fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. In addition, he has participated in various NSF competitions, placing first in the local chapter for Intermediate Geography, MB 2, and Senior Spelling. During the NSF regional math and spelling competitions, he placed in the top 15 and top 10, respectively. He has also participated in the Scripps Regional Spelling Bee, earning fifth place. In sixth grade, Vedant took the PSAT 8/9 placing in the 99th percentile overall. This year, he will be taking AP Calculus AB, having just earned an A in Honors Pre-Calculus as a freshman. He is also taking AP Biology and AP US History this year. An avid musician, Vedant is a member of the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra, and is the section leader/principal chair for the clarinet section. This will be his second year in the program. Furthermore, he has participated in multiple OMEA music competitions throughout Ohio, earning a Superior rating in every one. He also enjoys playing the piano as well, and has done so for eight years. Besides mathematics and music, Vedant enjoys learning about the field of medicine, and wishes to be a doctor eventually. During his freshman year of highschool, he reached the state level of the HOSA Medical Innovation Competition. In sixth grade, he attended a 2-week Introduction to Genetics camp for the gifted and talented at Northwestern University. In his free time, he enjoys building robots with LEGOS, playing tennis, and running laps around the neighborhood. 

Venkatesan Bhuvanapalli

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (now Chennai) in 1965 with over 50 years of Experience Engineering Industry in India. Been in US from 2003, teaching kids (Elementary, Middle and High school students) mathematics at all levels. Passion for maths and teaching has been my strengths. Been teaching at NSF (SAT Maths-senior for the last sessions)

Viditha Reddy

Software Engineer at Microsoft.  Also worked in companies like Motorola, Google, Siemens, Cisco, etc. I loved mathematics since I was a kid, always scored 100% in Math. I’m also a mother of a 4th grader and I coach her with her studies.  She won 3rd Prize in Continental math League this year, and also was among the top 10 in Online Math League and Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools. I enjoy working with kids and showing them how fun math is and so inspite of a full time job and kids at home, want to teach and generate interest in more kids.

Vinod Vairavaraj

Vinod Vairavaraj is a sophomore at Cypress High School in California. He is an honors student who performs well in school. He has been a part of the North South Foundation program and has previously completed. In addition, he is greatly interested in volunteering. Demonstrated through him working as a peer tutor in his school and also as a tutor for elementary and middle schoolers. He has had experience working with students and is ready to help out the community.

Vivek Ily

Vivek is a senior at Naperville North High School. He has a deep passion from math and science, which he has executed by participating in his school’s Math Team, Science Olympiad, Scholastic Bowl, and Science Bowl. The Math Team has won Illinois State Math Team for the past 4 years against top schools in the state. Vivek has placed 1st place in the Mousetrap Vehicle event and 3rd place in the Wright Stuff events at the State Science Olympiad competition during his sophomore year. The Science Bowl team regularly ranks in the top 10 at nationals. To show his passion in math, Vivek did online research during the lockdown period on the topic of Mathematical Biology. He published his research article on Infectious Diseases in the International Journal for Mathematics And its Applications. He is currently working on another research article on Bioinformatics and genomics and plans to publish that as well. 

Zubi Danish

Zubi is a freshman in Michigan. Despite her young age, she constantly strives to take the most advanced level of courses in school. Because of her variety of interests, she enrolled in enrichment classes early in her youth and has won many awards during her time in this program. Since 6th grade, Zubi has been a distinguished scholar, maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Outside of class, she has done research to advance her understanding of oral and behavioral health. Her most notable project, on which she has presented, relates the importance of oral health to geriatric patients in nursing homes. Furthermore, she has participated in the Science Olympiad, achieving an 8th place finish in the Southeast Michigan region. Over the past summer, aside from her research, she also involved herself in the North South Foundation Coaching Planning Program. Finally, outside of her academic involvements, Zubi has excelled as a scholar-athlete, achieving level 4 status as a tennis player at varsity level. Since the ripe age of 4, Zubi has explored her musical talents as well, participating in many concerts for both jazz and classical piano. Finally, Zubi takes interest in the study of language, and her fluency in Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic (outside of English) are proof of her tenacity in study.