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Dear Applicant,
Welcome to NSF India Scholarship Online Application page. This scholarship programme is aimed towards economically backward students in India who have obtained merit based admission. We are not entertaining any course other than medicine, engineering and Polytechnic (3-year diploma).

Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarships Guidelines: please visit
  • Integrity: We expect highest level of integrity from applicants when filling out this application form. Any indication to the contrary will result in the rejection of the application and disqualification from applying again.
  • Multiple sittings: Please note that an applicant does not have to complete this online application form in one sitting. The application can be saved in the “Partly Entered” status and can be returned to, later on, completed and submitted. Only applications in the Submitted status will be reviewed by the Scholarship officials.
  • Photos: Applicant needs to upload a passport size picture as well as a picture in front of his/her house. Picture taken from a cell phone will be sufficient for this purpose.
  • Print out: After submitting the application online, a hard copy of the form with all your entries can be printed out in .pdf format. This need to be printed and mailed along with certificate copies.
  • Certificate copies: Attested hard-copies of the relevant documents listed at the end of the form need to be mailed along with your printed application form to the nearest NSF chapter office or to the NSF Hyderabad office. Names, addresses, email ID’s and phone numbers of India Chapter Coordinators - Click Here
Here is how to start filling your online application:
To fill your on-line application you MUST have an email id. If you do not have an email id, you can create one on -> CREATE AN ACCOUNT. You need to remember this email-id and password for future use. Additionally, you will receive emails from NSF only at the email id you provide.
To get fresh application instructions, Please visit:

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2012-13 is the first year for this online scholarship application. We are committed to making this a comprehensive, easy-to-use and fast application process. We would like to hear from you with your comments and suggestions to improve this application form. You can do this by clicking on the feedback form after you submit your application. You can also reach us by sending an email to
Wish you all the best !
Thank you,
- NSF India Scholarship Team.