North South Foundation (NorthSouth) provides scholarships to undergraduate students entering into engineering, medicine or 3-year polytechnic (diploma in engineering) based on merit and financial need. NorthSouth also considers BVSc, BSc Ag, BDS, BSc Nursing and B Pharma courses. The scholarship process begins at the chapter level in India with an announcement by the India Chapter Coordinator (ICC) Each India chapter has a volunteer who acts as the ICC, who is responsible for all activities of the chapter – from forming the selection committee, reviewing applications, interviewing applicants and giving the scholarships checks at an awards ceremony. Volunteers who live in USA and are closely associated with a chapter in India act as liaisons. The ten step scholarship process is detailed below.

  1. India Chapter announces scholarships through local media and in schools (Aug).
  2. Students send their details and request for an application (Aug-Dec).
  3. India Chapter coordinator screens requests and send applications to eligible candidates (Oct-Dec).
  4. Applications are completed and mailed by students. Income certificates and mark sheets are part of the application (Aug-Dec).
  5. India Chapter Coordinator(ICC) forms a selection panel, reviews applications and shartlists candidates to Interview (Sep-Oct).
  6. ICC and selection panel interview candidates. One parent is expected to accompany the student. Bus or train fee is reimbursed to the student (Sep-Oct).
  7. ICC sends recommendations to NorthSouth India Coordinator in Hyderabad (Oct-Dec).
  8. NorthSouth India Coordinator and US Scholarships team do file review. Sometimes further clarifications are requested before approval (Nov-Feb)
  9. The chapter also processes any renewals at t his time since NorthSouth supports the student through the entire course of study (Aug-Oct).
  10. India Chapter holds an awards ceremony and honors NorthSouth scholarships recipients (Dec-Feb).

Last date for scholarship application is 31st December, 2023.

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