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If you know children in India who meet our criteria & require financial aid, please encourage them to apply. Guidelines for applications can be found at Scholarships Guidelines, & the application process for 2023 is currently open.

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Volunteer and Open New Chapters

If your friends or relatives in India can spare time and effort, especially in North Indian states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, and others, please let us know. We will provide training and materials to support the process. Expected functions include contacting local schools and colleges, spreading awareness, identifying & encouraging students to apply, collecting and scrutinizing certificates.

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Become an Ambassador

Be an inspiration and representative of North South Foundation. We are actively seeking liaisons in the USA who can dedicate time to motivate and support relatively inactive chapters in India, enabling more children to benefit from our programs.

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Join us in making a difference! Contact for further details.

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  • Login to parent account: North South Foundation
  • Click on Coaching Tab
  • Click on Register for coaching

Timings for classes are chosen by the coaches. It is not possible to know in advance which classes are available for signup and at what times, until all the coaches finalize their schedules. This usually happens by the time registrations open and new coaches sign up even after student registrations open. A class catalog is available at:CoachingCatalog Summer catalog will be published soon, please disregard the Spring catalog we have on the website.
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