North South Foundation is a volunteer driven non-profit organization established in Illinois in 1989. It received tax-exempt status under the IRS Section 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission is to

  • Develop human resources by giving scholarships to brilliant but the most needy students in India entering colleges, regardless of religion, gender, caste or creed.
  • Promote excellence in human endeavor by organizing Educational Contests for the kids in USA.
  • Help people achieve success regardless of religion, gender, caste, geographic origin by giving hope to those who may have none.

The NorthSouth Scholarship program in India is designed to encourage excellence among the poor children who excel academically but need help to attend college. Each scholarship is $250 per student per year. More Information is available at Indian Scholarships

Hardworking volunteers, discounts from vendors and sponsorships for our awards help to keep our overheads to less than 5% and channel donated funds towards helping the needy.

Educational Contests organized by NorthSouth in the US are designed to encourage academic excellence among children in K-12 grades. The Spelling, Vocabulary, Math, Science, Geography, History, Essay Writing, Public Speaking and Brain Bees are conducted annually in two steps. Children initially participate in Regional Contests. There are more than 90 centers in the US organizing the Regional Contests every year.

Winners of these contests are invited for the National Finals. National top rankers are awarded scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $250, redeemable in the winners’ freshman year of college. Many of the NorthSouth children have also achieved top ranks in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, MATHCOUNTS, National Geographic Bee, and National Science Bowl.

More Information can be found at US Contests.

Role Model Award: The ‘Vishwa Jyothi’ Role Model is awarded to showcase human values and academic excellence to the children of Indian American community. The Foundation has awarded its inaugural Role Model Award,‘Vishwa Jyothi’ to Rajiv Vinnakota in 2003 and Nipun Mehta in 2004.