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Devices for Education

"Devices for Underprivileged Students" is an initiative started by the Young Changemakers of NorthSouth(YCNS) in April 2020. During the COVID-19 pandemic, YCNS learned about the students who have not been privileged enough to have access to the necessary equipment to continue effective learning.

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Mission Breathe

It is an initiative started by the Young Changemakers of NorthSouth (YCNS) to help alleviate COVID-19 crisis that was wreaking havoc in India. Our mission was to help treat the onslaught of patients by addressing the immediate and short-term needs in urban and rural hospitals by collaborating with credible grassroots organizations

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Success Stories
Saachi Kalra
Saachi has been very instrumental in providing insight to the YC' 23 Cohortbased on her own experience while she was in the first year of the program. She started a project called NurtureNature, which focused on making her city greener and raising awareness on things like recycling in her community. She started small with just picking trash around her community and quickly expanded to organize beach cleanups and educate others about which bins their trash goes into and how they can help delay the effects of climate change on our world. NurtureNature helps solve two problems in the community. The first is the issue of people not coming outside enough and the second is the issue of cleaning litter on the streets.
Laasya Vadrevu
Laasya is based in Columbus, Ohio and has been a youth mentor for almost two years. Laasya's changemaker journey started out as a food drive for a local pantry, but as she thought more about her passions, the project transformed to something very related to her interests. Her project is now playing music for people at senior centers with her school orchestra.The favorite part of changemaking for her is seeing everyone else's projects unoact their communities, and seeing how excited the Changemakers are about it.
Manvik Rachamadugu
Manvik lives in California and focused their first year project on bringing people in his community together. His favorite part of changemaking is the idea that he is helping everyone on a bigger picture and trying to bring a positive change in the world.He faced the barrier about spreading the word of his project. He quickly overcame this barrier by contacting his friends and his mom's contacts.
Volunteer With Us

You Can Make A Difference !

North South Foundation solely relies on volunteers to conduct its educational programs. The growth of its activities depends on help from people like you. Through volunteer work, you can help the bright but needy children in India reach their dream of going to college. You can also make a difference, through US educational activities, for those children who strive for academic excellence.


There is no set age limit for changemaking. We recommend that 5th to 12th graders might be the age group that would enjoy this program the most.

Yes. Anyone willing to be a changemaker can join this program. They can be at any stage of the changemaking journey and get personalized mentoring to implement or scale up their project.

Most of the kids who have been with us have been kids residing in the US.

In a world defined by change, this program provides skills needed to lead a change, not just adapt it. Monthly interactive learning sessions provide tools and resources that will help your child become a young changemaker. During their journey, young individuals acquire a multitude of skills including leadership development, creativity, collaboration, organizational, communicational skills, and being involved in a journey of giving back to the community. Changemakers that have completed the first year of the program have shared that they have improved on their presentation skills, public speaking ability, resourcefulness, and learned how to be a mentor to others. We believe that these new skills and experiences will be a differentiator in college applications and prepare them for a changing future.

The monthly learning sessions are not counted towards volunteer hours. But the program would provide opportunities to obtain volunteer hours through North South Foundation. Following one cycle of this program, the young individual will have opportunities to mentor other young changemakers, which will add to volunteering hours/opportunities.
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