Young Changemakers of NorthSouth

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Young Changemakers Initiative

The purpose of the Young Changemakers Journey (YCJ) is to empower youth to commit to making positive changes in the world. YCJ presents an easy framework for anybody wanting to be a changemaker, but is not sure how to get started. The YCJ has a structured curriculum that was developed in conjunction with the Ashoka Foundation. It guides the young kids step by step: from identifying their passion, to taking the first step, and to sharing their experiences, all while having constant feedback that helps them build on those experiences.

The North South Foundation has overseen 3 cohorts of changemakers that have successfully participated in this program. Project topics have ranged from implementing neighborhood fitness programs, encouraging reduced use of plastic, to arranging events for the special needs community.

There are both adult and youth mentors who meet periodically to help the kids with their projects. The planning team has created spaces for Changemakers to learn from one another, from the monthly meetings to review best practices of being a Changemaker to the bi-weekly reflection groups to ask questions and progress forward on the Changemakers’ projects.

Like the Chinese proverb says “Even a thousand mile journey begins with a single step”, the YCJ organization helps changemakers take the first step. As the changemakers take the subsequent steps, the adult and youth YCJ volunteers are there for mentoring and guidance.

Every child is fully capable of bringing change in the world; YCJ will guide them to change the world.

Vision of YCI

To promote excellence in empathy along with education. To encourage the concept of changemaking in the youth of NorthSouth and beyond. To see every young individual to bring about change in their community for the betterment of humanity.

About the Young Changemakers of NorthSouth:

The Young Changemakers of NorthSouth(YCNS) are young minds ranging from elementary to high school, passionate about making a difference in the world. We are fortunate to be supported by YCI and have had the opportunity to attend webinars where we learnt the tools for our changemaking journey. Once we have identified our individual passion areas we embarked on our individual changemaking journeys to bring change in our local communities.

Some of our projects have included supporting the elderly, inspiring the young and motivating the community towards healthy living and exercise, bringing in STEM education and projects to underserved school districts, decreasing homelsssness, providing refurbished devices and many more.

As we were approached during the pandemic we collaborated for the initiative “Devices for Education”. We started off with a group of eight YCNS members but as we reached our community through our campaign, we inspired more young minds to join the cause. We currently are a group of twenty YCNS members in the team.

Recruiting young changemakers 2022 - 2023

Come be a Changemaker!

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