How are projects funded at the Foundation?

Scholarships in India:

This was the first project initiated by the Foundation in 1989. Fund-raising events such as walk-a-thons were organized to raise money for the scholarships.

Educational Bees in US:

This program was started in 1993. The expenses for conducting the contests are mostly covered by registration fees and local donations. The scholarships for the National Bee Winners are covered by specific sponsorships from individuals, companies and non-profit organizations. Volunteers organize the contests and collect donations to cover the venue and administration costs. This helps to keep the overheads to less than 5% and all the money raised from registration fees and donations is used for Scholarships to India.

Mentoring Program:

The Foundation began the mentoring program in 1998. The objective is to help those NorthSouth graduates in India who excel in their studies and want to pursue higher studies abroad. The funding is met by a combination of:

  • financial assistance from the admitting universities and
  • loan scholarships from the Foundation
The loan scholarships are met by specific contributions from individuals. Once the loans are repaid, the money will be used to fund future students.