On Dec 15th, 2010 NorthSouth-Chennai Chapter arranged a scholarship award function at Central Polytechnic auditorium  with the co-ordination of Head of the institution. During the function the principal appreciated the continuous effort of NorthSouth in implementing the scholarship program at CPT. Additionally, the Vice-Principal expressed his gratitude for organizing an award function for these deserving and meritorious students. The Chennai chapter in-charge delivered the speech about NorthSouth norms used for awarding scholarships. Students were also informed that they could have their scholarships renewed till graduation, as long as they maintain excellent academic records.        

N Annapoorani, Chennai Chapter Coordinator


Madurai Chapter – An Appraisal By S.Ramanathan, NorthSouth Chapter Coordinator

The Madurai unit got established as part of Chennai Chapter in 2002-03 when BREAD was executing the NorthSouth programme in India. With NorthSouth taking charge of the Indian operations directly from 2004-05, the Madurai chapter also got formally established with S.Ramanathan Iyer as the Coordinator. The Chapter has now one volunteer, N.Nagarajan to work with the coordinator. The team works in unison and with devotion and the motto of “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”. The chapter has steady growth to its credit. The number of fresh NorthSouth scholars selected which stood at 6 in 2002-03 has grown to 80 in 2012-13. The total number of scholarships stood at 173 in 2012-13. The systematic steps to achieve this growth and other cognate issues are outlined below:

Initially we depended only on the advertisement issued in local newspapers for getting applications. Over a period we have developed more potent channels. We have now regular contacts with like-minded NGOs. Further, use in also being made of the existing and past scholars of NorthSouth to propagate the information mouth to mouth with good effect. Personally, because of my association with many schools, we disseminate information about NorthSouth in the school functions and also have regular interaction with Headmasters/Principals.

While the chapter coordinator chairs the selection panel, it has 2 other members, one from the field of education and another from the field of administration and public relations. Currently the panel comprises

  • 1. S.Ramanathan, Former UN Adviser and Chapter Coordinator.
  • 2. Mrs. Subhadhra Ramakrishnan, Principal, Rotary Lahary School.
  • 3. N.Nagarajan, Senior Superintendent (Retd.), National Sample Survey Organisation, Govt. of India.

Conscious efforts are put in to be in touch with the scholars, like Exchange of greetings. We have meetings of scholars located in and around Madurai and also special classes on personality development for them. We also have a system of award functions in which local dignitaries are invited.

In the interview for selection of candidates, effective probing is done to realistically assess the economic backwardness of the family and social commitment of the student. As the former director in National Sample Survey Organization, Government of India, a world famous expert organization in the conduct of socio-economic surveys, I could fully utilize my experience of in depth investigation to assess the reality, to the best of my ability. Shri. Nagarajan is also of great help in this regard.

To conclude, the Madurai Chapter has done its best to spread the ideals of NorthSouth, among NGOs, educational institutions and the student community. The students have responded well and the future is certainly bright with many of them keen to do similar service in their lives, in times to come.


Some words from volunteers - Dec 2010

”As long as I am capable to do something for the NorthSouth you may rest assured that I will do my best for the downtrodden brothers and sisters of our community. I am now 81. I do not know how long I can be helpful to others” Anil Kumar Ghosh, Emeritus Coordinator

“We have among us few dedicated Uditans working for North South Foundation, Kolkata Chapter providing scholarship to students from "Below the Poverty Line". All students are pursuing Medical, Engineering or other degree courses in various Government colleges. On the Christmas Day, scholarships were distributed to 37 such students, 50 more such students who are already beneficiaries will be handed over renewal cheques in the next few days. It was a wonderful experience talking to the students; many were within the 300th  rank in Medical and Engineering entrance exam. Many Uditans attended the meet to encourage the students. Few young Uditans also attended the meet and expressed their interest in actively participating in such social cause. It was comforting to note that our next generation were also committed to social cause.”  Anjan Dasgupta, Kolkata Chapter Volunteer

Note about Udita: Udita is a housing complex having 9 (Nine) towers providing about 700 flats where coordinator Anil Kumar Ghosh lives. NorthSouth awards for the fresh students are usually distributed in its Club, and many residents are present in this function.

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