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     North South Foundation is excited to bring you a new educational opportunity that will enhance your child's high school experience and college application profile. The North South Foundation Mentorship Program pairs talented, experienced North South Foundation alumni in college or recent college graduates with high school students to build a relationship based on coaching and counseling.

     We believe that high school students could benefit from a 'big sibling' to converse with, identify priorities, and stay focused. Oftentimes, mentees are more likely to identify themselves with a mentor close in age, rather than a parent. The mentee participates in a monthly session (via phone or Skype) with the mentor, and follows up via e-mail. In exchange, parents fund one $250 scholarship for North South Foundation when enrolling. If you are interested, please let us know using the following link: Parents/Mentees

     Mentors gain the satisfaction of helping a fellow North South Foundation student maximize his/her high school experience and gain admission to strong universities. In doing so, mentors raise money for the North South Foundation cause. Thus their impact is twofold. College students or recent graduates can enroll as a mentor using the following link: Mentors

     We also need adult volunteers to coordinate the program and provide oversight. If you are interested and can volunteer for the opportunity, please use the following link to express your interest: Admins

FAQ – Parents & Mentees

Students go through high school with numerous academic, social, athletic, and leadership opportunities ahead of them, and deciding where to spend one’s limited time is not easy. Parents are often in the dark as to what to do to send their child to a good school, aside from SAT and grades. We believe that high school students could benefit from a ‘big sibling’ to converse with, identify priorities, and stay focused. Oftentimes, students are more likely to listen to advice from a mentor close in age, rather than a parent.
The program is a student-mentor relationship based on motivation and counseling and is not designed to offer instruction in specific areas. However, the mentors are excellent resources to prepare for contests or courses because they can point out what to study and which materials are important. They can tap into their collegiate network to find the right information the mentee needs. In essence, an experienced, talented college student joins your family’s team to help send your child to a good school.
A $250 general donation to North South Foundation (on the North South Foundation site), which is the value of one scholarship for a deserving student in India. Please send the payment reference number to
The program runs through the academic year ending in May 2016.
Only high-performing mentors will be selected for the program to ensure quality of the service. However, it is still possible that the mentor does not honor his/her responsibilities. If the student-mentor relationship is not productive, parents can request a refund by contacting
Mentees will be ranked by grade level to determine who gets into the program. Seniors and juniors will receive priority over sophomores and freshmen because they have less time to prepare their college profiles.

FAQ – Mentors
The commitment is one monthly phone call or Skype session with the mentee, scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Follow-ups can be handled via e-mail. Because the program requires a few hours a month around the mentor’s schedule, we think this is a feasible way to make a positive difference.
Because the relationships are one-on-one, we recommend that mentors take no more than 4 mentees to ensure individual attention. However, there is no minimum number and it depends on schedules and level of interest. It is important that the mentor genuinely seeks to enhance each student’s high school experience.
Any talented college or Graduate student can apply to become a mentor. Below, let us know if you wish to send 50% of funds you raised to a different charity of your choice.
Please also view our promotional video.

*New 2015! Talented high school students, in addition to college students, can mentor middle school students by filling out the form at "Mentors" link above.

Please contact with questions.