North South Foundation : NewParents
To become a part of the North South Foundation Family, you will need to register with North South Foundation

Once you are registered as a North South Foundation parent, you can get emails about various North South Foundation events and register your kids for the educational contests.

To register as a parent please click here.

North South Foundation conducts workshops, educational contests and coaching classes for kids. Once you are registered as a parent, you can enroll your kids for any of these events.

After you have registered, you can follow the following steps to register your kids for the contest.

  1. Log in as a parent using "Parent Login" link.
  2. Click on "Register for Contests"
  3. You will get your personal information page.
  4. Hit continue
  5. You will get the list of your children.
  6. Unless you want to update anything here, hit continue.
  7. When you are at the volunteer page, select at least one of them and hit continue.
  8. Select child's name from the drop-down, and then register for any contest that you want.
After you have registered for the contest, you can download the sample questions for each contest.