August 9-11, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Tentative Registration Schedule

Priority Registration: May 19-28 (May 19 @ 12:01 AM - May 28 @ 10 PM Eastern Time)

Waitlist Registration: May 28-June 10 (May 28 @ 10 PM - June 10 @ 11:59 PM Eastern Time)

Registrations for Senior Essay Writing and Public Speaking contests have been closed in the morning hours on 5/19/2019 as the capacity on these contests have reached within a few hours after the opening of the registration.
Please register your son/daughter for other contests ASAP, if your son/daughter is eligible to register, to avoid disappointment due to the capacity being reached soon.

Parents and Finalists, welcome to the 2019 NSF National Finals Page. The finals team is working hard to get ready to welcome you and your families this summer!

2019 marks a huge milestone for NSF. We celebrate 30 years since Dr. Ratnam Chitturi started the organization back in 1989! We have nearly 90 regional chapters across the US and about 25 chapter in India. NSF started with distributing one scholarship in 1989 and has given out over 17,000 scholarships to date! This was made possible by all of you, signing up your children to participate in the contests. Thank you!

It is important to note that this year’s finals is a three-day event. We are conducting Spelling and Vocabulary Phase I contests on Friday, August 9th from 5 pm to 7 pm. This will hopefully reduce the stress on kids attending multiple contests at the finals!

Please visit the finals page often to get the latest updates on the tabs to the left. Register early to avoid disappointment of missing the deadline. If your child will be registering for Spelling or Vocabulary, please arrive well ahead of the Friday contest. Factor in travel delays.

If you can take additional time off, enjoy the sights of Boston. Visit the Local Attractions tab for a list of recommended must-see places.

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From the entire 2019 National Finals Team