Aditya Bachina

Aditya Bachina is a high school junior at Boston University Academy in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been competing in North South Foundation Math and Vocabulary Bees since he was in first grade, winning first place in both several times in the regional chapter, and achieving 25th place in the NSF Nationals in Vocabulary. He has been on the Honor Roll for the AMC. Aditya has also received a Johns Hopkins High Honors award, as well as a Gold Medal in the National Latin Exam. He has a strong foundation in Python, Java and C++. As a junior, he is in AP Calculus BC, and Computer Science I in Boston University. Aditya has been in several Robotics teams over the past eight years in First Lego League, VEX Robotics, and First Robotics Competitions advancing to multiple state level championships over the years. Aditya has won the Best Performance Award in First Lego League, and the Southern New England Excellence Award and the Robot Skills Championship Award in VEX Robotics. Aditya does mentoring in both Kumon and 4Schoolers for elementary and middle school kids. Aditya is a recipient of the Silver Presidential Volunteer Award. In his free time, Aditya writes short stories online and programs small games.

Krishna Ramesh

Krishna is a Junior at American High School, California.  He has coding for six years and has participated in many hackathons in the bay area. He also loves tinkering with Arduino and robotics. Krishna has presented at the Maker Faire and the Mini-Maker Faire over the last two years. His team built a face recognition application using machine learning and python. He’s been competing in USACO and working on Silver level.  Krishna likes to code in Python and C++ and is looking forward to teaching Python this fall.

Nairit Sarkar

Nairit is a rising senior at Plano West Senior High in Dallas, Texas. He participates in the AMC contest series, and is a 4-time AIME Qualifier, two-time USAJMO qualifier, one-time USAMO qualifier, and received DHR on the AMC 10/12 five times. In addition to the AMC series, he competed in PUMaC Division A, placing first nationwide in the Number Theory section. He has also been involved with NSF, qualifying for the finals in math each year and conducting the MB3 advanced class twice in the past (and also other teaching experience). He competes in USACO Platinum and received a perfect score in the Gold division as a junior. He has extensive coding experience in Java, Python, and JavaScript (more than 7 years for each language). He is proficient with data structures and algorithms ranging from introductory concepts to more advanced concepts. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano and swimming. Creating Alexa skills also interests him, as he has created numerous Alexa skills, including one that utilizes advanced data structure algorithms (topological sorting). He is very excited to teach Alexa programming!

Pranav Ramesh

Pranav Ramesh is a high school junior from Connecticut. In middle school, he was the lead programmer and robot designer for the team that won the Inspiration Award at the FIRST LEGO League World Championships. He is currently the CAD subteam lead on his high school robotics team, president of his FBLA chapter, the captain of his high school Computer Science team, and member of his high school Varsity Math team. Pranav is a two-time qualifier for the CT ARML team and won first place in the Capitol Area Math League in 2020 in the B-division. He has been programming since middle school and is well-versed in Python, Java, and Swift. Pranav has developed several iOS apps, and has written and published a Python programming book, The Python Starterpack, on Amazon. He has ranked in the USACO Silver Division, ACSL, and Google Code Jam, and received a perfect score in the USACO Bronze Division in his sophomore year. Pranav has completed AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Biology, with perfect scores in all. Currently he is taking AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus BC. He has taken CSCI S-111 Intensive Introduction to Computer Science at Harvard University and Data Structures and Algorithms at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Pranav has been teaching programming to middle school and high school students since March 2020 and has donated thousands of dollars from the proceeds to COVID-19 related causes. He is currently a tutor at Mathnasium. In his free time, he enjoys arranging and playing piano pieces, biking, and playing tennis with his friends.

Vivekanand Kirubanandan

An engineering manager of software development at Facebook with extensive experience in data structures, algorithms and programming. He has been an engineering manager at Amazon for over 10 years. He is also the founder of SDE Skills a non-profit organization that helps software engineers acquire skills to perform better at programming interviews.