Adrija Rukmini

Adrija is a freshman at BASIS Peoria in Peoria, Arizona. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA or distinguished honor roll throughout middle school and thus far in high school. She is taking AP Government and Politics, as well as AP Micro/Macro Economics year. Throughout middle school, she has participated in and won various math and science competitions outside of NSF. In elementary school, she got a perfect score on the Math Kangaroo and was recognized at the national level. She participated in 6 science olympiad competitions, earning first place in 4. At just 8 years old, she was one of the youngest ever qualifiers at that time for the national level of the South Asian Spelling Bee (SASB). She also took second place at the finals of the NSF Vocabulary Bee. Then at 9 years old, she was accepted as a Duke TIPster (Talent Identification Program), and was recognized by Duke for scoring in the 99th percentile in the Reading & Writing portion of the pSAT. She skipped 5th grade and moved to Arizona in 2017. In 6th grade, she was accepted into the Davidson Young Scholars Program, and subsequently was accepted into the school (she decided not to attend). She has been tutoring within her school since 6th grade. In 7th grade, she took the SAT and scored a total of 1480 (770 -- Math; 710 -- Reading/Writing). In 8th grade, she became a member of NJHS (National Junior Honor Society), and was cast in the school play. She also won 3rd place at her school Science Fair and qualified for state, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19. Her team won at the regional 2020 Science Bowl competition, and were placed in the top 16 of the nationals. This summer she completed a 6-weeks course and received a course certificate for the Summer Stem Institute, or SSI program, which revolved around Python and Data Science. She won a silver medal for the Mathcounts competition. She also learned programming in Python through SSI and AoPS (Art of Problem Solving) classes. She has won several NSF Competitions, including 1st place for Essay Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Math, and Science at regionals. She loves to teach, and in her free time, she loves to read and swim. She also fell in love with the Harry Potter World (she’s a Hufflepuff), and won an award in the Arizona Study Program for piano. She looks forward to coaching this year!

Akshat Mehta

Akshat is a sophomore at Cedar Falls High School in Iowa. He’s dipping his toes in maths, sciences, and arts, and is excited to add coaching to that list in his first year of volunteering with the NSF. Akshat competed in Mathcounts in 7th and 8th grade, winning 1st place in the Chapter round each year and landing in 7th and 6th place at state in 7th and 8th grade, respectively. He’s also won multiple 1st place medals in his state’s Science Olympiad and many more silver and bronze medals. In his freshman year, Akshat took the ACT, on which he scored a 34 overall. In his spare time, Akshat enjoys going out with friends, playing tennis, basketball, and table tennis, listening to NAV and Tjay, and penetrating the rap game with his cartesian flow. 

Arnav Bhushan

Arnav is a freshman at Washington University in St.Louis (WashU). He graduated from high school top 5 in his class out of 550. He took 7 AP courses and even took AP Calc BC when he was 13 years old. At 15, he took the ACT and scored a 34 with a score of 10 on the writing section. He also scored 800 on the SAT subject tests for both Chemistry and Math 2. He also got into UC Berkeley, NYU and ultimately decided on WashU for the pre-med track while studying Psychology and Brain Sciences. In middle school, he participated in Mathcounts and did very well and participated in AMC competitions throughout high school as well. He is excited to teach kids and pass his knowledge down.

Gopalan Iyer

Gopalan Iyer has a Master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  He has a deep passion for STEM with a special interest in how it can be applied to solve real world problems. He has been coaching students in Maths/Science for SAT/ACT   through North South foundation and is a long term volunteer for the foundation. Much of his teaching experience is through the foundation, in addition to coaching his own kids in both maths and science. One of the unique aspects of his approach is to relate the concepts discussed in the class to practical examples applicable to current industry settings. The focus of his coaching is to expand the knowledge beyond SAT/ACT and allow students to develop their thinking to solve problems. He works as the Global Product Development lead for Information Management to manage Acquisition and Divestiture for Pfizer. 

Indupriyadharsini Bharathi

Indu  is a private math tutor for Elementary, Middle and High School students and founder of 2PI MIND MATH. Master Degree holder (Master of Engineering in Power Electronics & Drives). 4+ years of experience in handling Singapore math, Dimensional math and multiple ISD curriculums. 2+ years of experience in AMC 8 & 10, Math Olympiad, Math count, and other competitive exams.

Ishani Tarkar

Ishani is a freshman at DuPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky. Ishani qualified for the Duke Tip 7th Grade Talent Search (ACT), 2019 Grand Recognition Ceremony with a 35 on the math section of the ACT and an overall score of 32. She placed amongst the top 4 at the MathCounts state level. In the AMC 8 she was in the Distinguished Honor Roll. Throughout middle school, Ishani has done science fair and has qualified twice for Broadcom Masters. In KAAC Math Written Assessment, she placed 6th at state level and has won numerous district and regional awards. She is in AP Calculus AB this year and has taken several advanced math courses. She has volunteered and taught at multiple academic summer camps and is a Davidson Young Scholar and Mensan. Over the summer she founded a mathematics course, Mathema, dedicated to teaching 4th to 8th graders about competitive math and teaching them both competitive math skills and math concepts to help in MathCOUNTS and various other competitions. She enjoys reading, writing, competitive swimming, Quiz Bowl, chess, playing her violin, and philosophizing.

Mausumi Basu

Mausumi Basu, Ph.D is a Research Scientist at Georgia State University. She has achieved her doctoral degree from the University of Calcutta in Biochemistry/Microbiology and then came to the United States as post-doctoral fellow in Cleveland Clinic Foundation. After 2 years she moved to Georgia and joined Georgia State University. Her research area includes the investigation of the mechanism of host-virus interaction with COVID19, West Nile, Zika and dengue virus. She works in BSL3 and BSL4 facilities. She has published her research in several peer reviewed journals and presented her works at several national and international conferences. Besides her research Dr. Basu is involved in teaching students math and science.  Dr. Basu used to teach in college as a part-time professor while she was doing Ph.D. She loves to teach students.. She has been involved with NSF for more than 4 years. In the past years she has taught senior MATHCOUNTS, senior science and SAT math. She is also involved in teaching science through hands-on experiments at several other organizations. Once Dr. Basu was selected as judge of Intel Science Fair at national level. Teaching student is her favorite hobby.

Srinivas Veeramasu

I live in Northern Virginia, and I work in software services industry. As a student, I loved math, I was lucky to learn math all the way through masters (graduate level). I have been coaching in NSF since 2016, both SAT math and MathCounts. I enjoy every minute of it. I am looking forward to another season of exciting journey of learning.

Sriram Ayalavarapu

Sriram Ayalavarapu is a sophomore at Centennial High School, where he is in the top 10% of his class. He has participated in many competitions and has received multiple awards. In the 2019-2020 school year, he advanced to the International Leadership Conference for HOSA’s (Health Occupation Students of America) Medical Mathematics Event, after placing First place in one of Texas’s 6 regions. He has also won a few awards in TMSCA Math and Science competitions, including 7th place in Calculator and 10th place in science. In 7th grade, Sriram has received a 790/800 in the Duke TIP SAT, gaining him national recognition. He also recently received a perfect 36/36 in the ACT Math Section. Furthermore, he is currently taking AP Calculus, traditionally an advanced 12th grade math course, in just 10th grade, after testing out of 3 levels of mathematics. 

Suhani Goswami

Suhani is a sophomore at the Math and Science Academy at Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas. Suhani has always been an A Honor Roll student and aspires to go into the medical field. In 7th grade, Suhani qualified for National Recognition in the SAT through the Duke Tip Program with a perfect 800 in math. In her 9th grade PSAT, she scored perfect on math and near perfect on reading with a total score of 1380. Suhani has also scored perfect on the SAT Math section in local competitions. She participates in AMC and AIME, and online and local university math contests. Suhani has taken Pre-AP Precalculus in school, along with AP Computer Science, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. She has been a science fair regional finalist for 2 years. Suhani has held many officer positions in middle school clubs and is currently an officer of her school’s Computer Science Club. Suhani is fluent in Java, HTML, and Python. Suhani has coded and published two apps for local nonprofits on the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store. She is a dedicated volunteer for local nonprofit advocacy organizations. She is the lead of a local Youth Coding Team working in partnership with local nonprofits to conduct free coding classes. Suhani has also been a Girl Scout for the last 10 years and is close to completing her Gold Award. Suhani was a student in MD Anderson’s summer medical program and studied topics like histotechnology, radiobiology, and imaging physics from esteemed doctors and professors. Suhani is an inducted member of Mu Alpha Theta, Science National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and National Art Honor Society as well as a state Science Olympiad winner. In addition to her academics, Suhani is a varsity tennis player and a member of activist clubs like Girl Up Houston. She has been playing piano for 9 years and is a recognized honors pianist. Suhani enjoys chess, cooking, embroidery, painting, reading, and writing.

Vaibhav Dara

Vaibhav Dara is a freshman at Oxford Academy in California. It’s one of the top five schools in California and has rigorous testing requirements. He participated in multiple math competitions and received several awards. He represented his school at OC Math Field Day in both elementary and middle school, winning medals over the years and also excelled in Math Olympiad tournaments. He placed nationally at Math Kangaroo every year he participated. He took Calculus AB as an eighth grader and received a score of 5 on the AP test. He also took the SAT in seventh grade, and received a perfect 800 on the math section, and 1530 overall. This score qualified him for John Hopkins Search for Exceptional Talent. He is very passionate about speech and debate and has been participating in tournaments since fourth grade. He has won several tournaments throughout the years and was a semifinalist at state. He taught an introductory 6-session course about LD debate to younger students. He’s taking 4 AP classes as a freshman, including physics and human geography. He’s involved in Key Club, HOSA, Math Club, and the debate club. In his free time, he likes to skateboard and play basketball.

Varun Gupta

Varun is a freshman, Biochemistry major at UCLA on the pre-med track. He took 8 AP classes throughout his high school career. He took the AP Capstone program during this time and wrote a research paper on Musical Training and Recognition of Tonal Errors in classical music. He took the SAT in high school, scoring a 790 on the Math section and scored 1520 overall. He took the PSAT in 11th grade, and got Commended Scholar, while getting perfect on the Math section. He has also played the piano for 12 years, and has performed in numerous competitions. He looks forward to teaching kids about the SAT and helping them get a higher score then he got himself.