Adhitya Chandra

Adhitya has been passionate in science since he was a child and his science knowledge is at college level.  In 2020 his Science Bowl (quiz) team achieved first place in the state level and placed in Top 16 in the country level.  Adhitya was the captain of this Science Bowl team and was instrumental in getting the team to Top 16 in the country. He also ranked 7th nationally in MathKangaroo competition. He is great at explaining complex concepts in an easy to understand way. Adhitya has scored the highest score in the entire nation in the NSF Senior Science Bee competition once. In the Science Bowl (quiz) competition, his team placed second place two times and first place one time at state level. Adhitya’s hobbies are playing tennis, table tennis, and swimming. He also enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes, attending astronomy club meetings, and stargazing using his telescope. He has always loved teaching/mentoring other kids and is excited to be a NSF coach.

Akshat Mehta

Akshat is a sophomore at Cedar Falls High School in Iowa. He’s dipping his toes in maths, sciences, and arts, and is excited to add coaching to that list in his first year of volunteering with the NSF. Akshat competed in Mathcounts in 7th and 8th grade, winning 1st place in the Chapter round each year and landing in 7th and 6th place at state in 7th and 8th grade, respectively. He’s also won multiple 1st place medals in his state’s Science Olympiad and many more silver and bronze medals. In his freshman year, Akshat took the ACT, on which he scored a 34 overall. In his spare time, Akshat enjoys going out with friends, playing tennis, basketball, and table tennis, listening to NAV and Tjay, and penetrating the rap game with his cartesian flow. 

Amrita Rath

Amrita Rath is a computer science engineer by education and an educator by passion. She has found her passion in spreading knowledge and proud to pursue a career as a teacher. She has been heavily involved in many non-profit organizations focused on educating underprivileged children in India. She is a readathon mentor at Pratham Austin chapter where she helped to create passion for reading among children in the USA while raising funds in the process. Amrita has been a leader in the local community to improve math and language skills for elementary school kids. For example, she coached kids at local school for Math competitions and helped them reach excellence by winning medals. Additionally, she has initiated a club to teach Odia language and culture to kids in Austin. Amrita’s daughter has participated in NSF competitions in the past two years. She has tremendous respect for NSF’s contribution in shaping her daughter’s mind for excellence in education. Now, Amrita wants to take it forward by being a coach and contribute by helping little minds to do their best.

Ananya Vinay

One of the youngest champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Ananya Vinay was also crowned the champion of the California State Spelling bee for four consecutive years. The spelling bee laid the foundation for her work ethic and critical thinking.She participated in the National Science Bowl twice, and her team ranked in the top 16. Her science project earned Broadcom Masters Top 300 for two years in a row. She coaches the middle school science bowl team and the school spelling bee team, and is also a varsity debater. She also helps mentor the mathcounts team for her elementary school. She also placed 5th at the state science olympiad.Currently a sophomore,she is taking AP Biology and AP Chemistry this year as well as AP Calculus BC.She also loves creative writing!

Anisha Saripalli

Anisha is a junior at the University of Florida from Parkland, FL. She is majoring in Biomedical Engineering and is on the Pre-Med track. She has competed in NSF competitions from 1st to 8th grade. She was also on her Science Olympiad team in high school. In high school, she took honors Biology, honors Chemistry, honors Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology and AP Physics 1. She graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 3 years, receiving top honors (top 5% of her graduating class). She also completed all of her science course prerequisites for med school: General Chemistry 1 and 2, Organic Chemistry 1 and 2, Biochemistry, Introductory Biology 1 and 2, and Physics 1 and 2. She even took Microbiology and Cellular/Systems Physiology and will be taking Genetics next semester. She is very excited to be coaching for Junior Science Bee and can’t wait to help others do well in an organization that is very close to her heart. 

Arka Bhattacharjee

Arka Bhattacharjee has just started as a freshman at Denmark High School in Georgia. Arka has always been an A Honor Roll student and aspires to go to the engineering field. In middle and elementary schools, he was always a team leader in the math club and participated in several math competitions including MATHCOUNTS competition, NSF competition and won a few times.  He has volunteered to create NSF junior MATHCOUNTS Coaching content during summer. Now he is in the accelerated Math Honors Program. Science is his most favorite subject. Now he is taking biology honors. In 8th grade he and his team won the “You be the chemist” competition at state level. He became winner in the Georgia Technology Fair twice at state level and three times at county level. He was selected for Duke tip competition in 7th grade and achieved a high score. He is also good at computer science, and has already achieved expertise in HTML. He enjoys playing trombone and guitar. In his free time, he likes to play tennis and basketball. 

Ashvik Vankayala

Sophomore. AIME Qualifier, Honor Roll AMC 8 and 10, MATHCOUNTS states, taught middle school/elementary school children, taught NSF MATHCOUNTS Crash Course, taking AP Chem in sophomore year,  part of FRC Robotics team (Montgomery Cougars #1403)

Divya Nagri

Divya Nagri is a Biotechnology instructor at Nashua High School North and adjunct professor at Great Bay Community College and Nashua Community College. She completed her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with minors in biology and biomedical engineering and earned her M.S.E. degree in chemical engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Her research focus includes biodegradable polymers, DNA drug delivery systems, and genetic engineering. After working in the biotechnology startup and pharmaceutical industry for several years, Divya got her high school teaching certification and has been teaching high school biotechnology for the past 7 years. She has mentored many students for the NH state ISEF qualifying fair and serves as a state ISEF science fair judge. Divya lives in New Hampshire with her husband and 2 high school daughters. This is her 6th year coaching Senior Science for NSF. 

Fedora Castelino

Fedora Castelino is a Senior at Apex Friendship High School in North Carolina. As a member of the Academy of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing program at her school, she has developed an interest in STEM coursework, and plans to major in Nuclear Engineering and a possible minor in Particle Physics. Fedora is currently a two-year president for her school’s Science Olympiad Team and has participated in over 15 different events. Throughout her high school career, Fedora has participated in many extracurriculars, including Science Olympiad (President), Technology Student Association (Sergeant at Arms), and Speech and Debate (Secretary). During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fedora founded an environmental conservation program called Peak Teens for Climate, which has grown to over forty members active across Wake County. They advocate for environmental change within their community through digital media, blogs, podcasts, and free virtual webinars. In addition, she has interned at the United States Army Corps of Engineers Heritage and Apex Peak Montessori to create science curriculums for preschool aged children, which was the starting place for her curiosity in preschool aged knowledge. Currently, Fedora is undergoing a self-publishing process to publish a children’s book regarding climate change and the younger generation’s role. In her free time, Fedora enjoys spending time with her five year old sister and playing club volleyball. 

Hari Surnedi

Hari Surnedi is a high school junior this year at Veterans Memorial High School. He advanced to state MATHCOUNTS and has won many gold silver and bronze medals in Science Olympiad. More specifically, gold in Anatomy and Physiology in Gold at the state level and along with other medals, securing our school in second and third in the state competition for the two years. In 9th grade, he was one of 100 finalists in the Know Your Constitution essay competition which allowed him to meet important people in the judicial system of Iowa. He has played on varsity for all 3 years of his high school years and his school team is now ranked 8th in the state of Texas. Volunteering is a passion for him and he has volunteered at the public library as well as two hospitals for bettering the community. Because his goal of becoming an orthopedic spine surgeon and helping many people suffering from a very rare condition called “back pain”, he is working hard to learn to navigate the college and medical school field. He has attended a 2-week research program where he saw the forefront of medical, biological, chemical, and “everything you can think of”-cal advances. Aside from extracurricular activities, Hari is a great student. He took 5 AP classes and one honors class in 10th grade and averaged 100% in all the classes except Spanish which he averaged 95%. The APs he took was AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, AP Statistics, and AP World History. Currently, in his junior year, he is taking all AP weighted/college weighted classes and has, so far, made 100% in all of the courses, which are AP Human Geography, AP Physics 1, college weighted Business Information Management, AP Language and Composition, AP Calculus BC, Psychology dual credit, and AP Environmental Science. Finally, in terms of his tutoring experiences, he tutored a group of middle schoolers for competitions such as MATHCOUNTS and he tutored his sister at a young age which enabled her to skip a year of school. He was also an assistant coach for two middle school FLL teams which both went to regionals. Last year, in his AP Chemistry class, he tutored Pre-AP Chemistry students and he was known as the “That One Indian God”. He has tutored tough chemistry concepts in fun ways like playing games and physical models that involve the kids to move and learn through experimentation. He is eager to help you see the beauty in science and learning in general and propel you along your academic journey.

Iniyan Subramanian

Iniyan is a sophomore at Panther Creek High School in North Carolina. He loves many subjects such as math, geography, science, and english. Nevertheless, science has always been his favorite subject, leading him to take 2 Ap classes this year(Chem & Psych). He has also participated in many competitions such as Robotics(3rd in state), National History Day(Documentary: County Level), Science Olympiad(Won 2 events), and various other events. He also has many other interests/hobbies: band(winning best musician ship at FMF), board member at local youth association,running(part of track team), and reading.

Kamala Vanarsa

I am currently employed as Senior researcher at University of Houston in the Biomedical Engineering department, Houston, TX. I finished my Masters in Medical microbiology from Kasturba Medical College, India and following that I joined University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas for Masters in Molecular and Cell biology.  My research areas mainly focus on Autoimmune diseases , Cancer and Biomarkers. I have more than 20 Peer reviewed publications to my credit and am also serving as a reviewer for journals.I have been actively volunteering tutoring TMSCA science and NSF science chapters .  

Kanishk Tihaiya

Kanishk Tihaiya is a Sophomore at E.O. Smith High School in Connecticut. He just completed the Advanced Precalculus course as a freshman. Currently, he is taking several AP courses, including Calculus BC, Computer Science A, and Chemistry. He has qualified for the MATHCOUNTS State competition and has taken the AMC exams several times. Kanishk tutors Spanish at his school and has applied to World Language Honor Society to tutor further. In his middle school years, his Vex Robotics team placed second overall seed at the Southern New England Regional Championship. This past summer he was an instructor for one of the Mathcounts Beginner Crash Course classes. During the 2018-2019 school year, Kanishk’s team qualified for the National level in the Science Bowl competition. This past year, he participated in the State Level Science and Engineering Fair. Kanishk enjoys learning about computer hardware and playing classical guitar in his free time.

Keerthan Kumarappan

Keerthan is a Rising Sophomore. Some of his best accomplishments are being a NSF Math National Finalist, taking AP Chemistry / AP Calculus BC / AP World History as a Sophomore, being a Stuyvesant High School Math Team Member, being a MathCon National Finalist, being a Top 20 Math Kangaroo National Winner, and being a Johns Hopkins University Student of Exceptional Talent & CTY Grand Honoree Award. Some ways he has shown leadership is by being the Finance Director of New York Parliamentary Debate League, being the instructor for MathCounts beginner, coaching Junior Science Bee for NSF, and being the Vice President of his Middle School Math Team. He enjoys playing Saxophone in his school jazz band and Basketball.

Lakshita Dutta

Lakshita is a junior at Grafton High School in Grafton, Massachusetts. She has a passion for the sciences, and is currently taking AP Biology and AP Chemistry. She is a UMass Brain Bee finalist, and is on the Robotics Team at her high school. Lakshita has teaching experience as a coding coach. She has also been a Junior Science and Math coach with NorthSouth for 2 years, a Mathcounts Assistant Coach with NorthSouth, and tutors high school Algebra students. She hopes to study Bioengineering once she graduates. Outside of science, she is a Silver Presidential Volunteer Service Award recipient. She is also a member of Grafton High Model United Nations and President of the GHS Math Team and Dear Asian Youth chapter. She plays mallets in Concert Band, and enjoys painting and drawing.

Maanya Pradeep

Maanya is currently a junior at Orlando Science High School in Florida. She has interest in going to the medical field, and has flourished in the subject of science. She took two AP courses in freshman year (AP chemistry and AP U.S. History), three AP courses in sophomore year (AP biology, AP world history, and AP environmental sciences) and is currently taking seven AP courses. Furthermore, she is taking courses that are part of the PLTW program for biomedical sciences. Aside from school courses, Maanya is also involved in a multitude of clubs and volunteering. She is an active member of her science olympiad club, placing first in states many times, and going to the National science olympiad competition hosted at Cornell University. Maanya is also the president of her school’s HOSA club and has ranked second in her region. She is also a member of the neuroscience alliance club, and has gotten top 10 placement in her region. Moreover, she is involved in outreach clubs such as NHS and UNICEF, and is in math clubs such as mu alpha theta. Also, Maanya has experience in teaching because she teaches younger kids language lessons. She has also shadowed doctors in fields including surgery, pediatrics, and orthopedics. Maanya’s hobbies include playing tennis, traveling, and reading. She is a varsity tennis player, and has competed in districts as well as regional levels. 

Parimala Rajesh

Parimala Rajesh is a sophomore at Cumberland Valley High School in Pennsylvania. Some of her hobbies are reading sci-fi novels, listening to and playing music, drawing, and coding. She has been an honor roll student throughout school. She has qualified for the national level of Science Fair and won several Science Fair awards including the Grand Champion title. She has been on her school's Science Olympiad team since 6th grade and has won a number of medals at regional and state level competitions. Parimala has been on the MathCounts team in middle school and is now on the high school Math League (ARML) team. Through NSF, she was in many coaching classes, participated in competitions since 3rd grade, and qualified for nationals thrice. She was a leadership intern at Camp Invention. She is also involved in multicultural activities such as Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam, since 3rd grade, and performed in several venues including the Pennsylvania State Capitol. She has also been playing the viola since 4th grade and has been part of the Junior Youth Symphony Orchestra. She is looking forward to volunteering as a teacher for NSF to teach science this year!

Pranav Kota

Pranav is a freshman at Holmes Junior High in Cedar Falls, IA. He has a passion for maths and sciences and aspires to join the medical field. As for his interest in math, Pranav participated in MathCOUNTS for two years and was a top ranker at state both years. He also takes Honors Pre-Calc(12th grade math). He pursues his interest in science through Science Olympiad Competitions. He is a state medalist and hopes to take his team to Nationals this year. Pranav also takes Honors Chemistry(11th grade science). He also coached the NSF MathCOUNTS Summer Crashcourse this year and was inspired by that experience to continue coaching kids. Some of his other interests include robotics, student government, running, and tennis. He was part of a FLL(First Lego League) team that competed at the World Championships and is now part of a FRC(First Robotics Competition) team that is very renowned as they compete at the World Championships almost every year. He even mentors an FLL team. Pranav is also an officer in student government and is on his school’s varsity tennis team. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and friends, playing tennis, going for runs, and learning python. 

Richa Rajesh

Richa Rajesh is a sophomore in Nashua High School South, in New Hampshire. She has just completed the Precalculus course at an honors level as a freshman and ended with an A. Currently she is taking many AP courses, including AP Calculus AB, AP Microeconomics, and AP government and politics. In the next couple of years she will be taking many more AP classes focusing on science like a two year CTE course, Health Sciences, along with taking the course Physics at a college level in a local community college. She has a passion for the science field, and over this past summer was an intern at a local Dental office, as well as shadowed with the Dentist. In her school, she is the school lead for a club called STEMBuds. STEMBuds is a club where volunteers tutor at local elementary schools, and guide and teach the kids who are not so privileged. With this experience, she learnt many different ways to help kids understand and attain information, and she has become very dedicated with her teaching methods. Additionally, she won first place in her state in a DECA competition for the category “Hospitality and Tourism”, and was qualified for nationals at Tennessee. In middle school Richa participated in FLL for two years, and each year her team won states, and got the Cooperation award along with a Robot design and a programming award as well. In middle school she was on the student body council as a senator, and accepted an award for professionalism. She has taken science courses with NSF for two years, and has participated in the Math Bee as well. Richa has also taken a course partnered with Microsoft, and accepted a certificate in Management Production and Software. In her free time she enjoys running, and has represented her school on the cross country team for four years now. In addition to this, she is a third degree black belt in taekwondo, and has been doing both Bollywood and Bharatanatyam for 11 years. 

Rithvik Kotla

Rithvik Kotla is a high school sophomore from California. He has passion for science and mathematics. He took Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors and Chemistry Honors in middle school. In his freshman year he took AP Physics I, AP Biology, AP Statistics and in Sophomore year he is taking AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics 2. His science project was selected for BroadcomMasters. He is a member of Newyork Junior Academy of Sciences. He won regional awards in Academic Decathalon and several academic awards in local competitions. He has been participating in First Lego Robotics since 1st grade and won regional competition. He is continuing his interest in Robotics in high school too.  He is the president of the Math Competition Club in his school. He is a competitive swimmer.  He tutors homeless kids in School On Wheels and is excited to teach in NSF. 

Rohit Hari

Hi, I am a sophomore at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC. I love earth science, chemistry and physics, and am captain of our science bowl team. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, writing programs, and learning languages. I look forward to coaching science this semester. I hope everyone learns a lot and enjoys the class, and I expect to learn from everyone as well!

Rudra Amin

Rudra Amin is a freshman at Drexel University. He is part of the 8-year BS/MD program and is majoring in Biological Sciences. He has enjoyed learning and teaching about science for much of his life. He has success in many science competitions, including New Jersey Science League and the Rutgers University Oncology Olympiad. Specifically, he placed 6th and 5th place in the Biology 1 and Chemistry 1 competitions, respectively. He also placed 1st in the Quiz Bowl event at the Rutgers University Oncology Olympiad. He also has experience teaching as he has been a volunteer tutor for kids at a local library. Rudra has also self-studied and scored well on many AP's throughout his high school career, especially AP Biology and AP Chemistry. He is excited to pass down his studying skills and work with students who are passionate about science. In his free time, Rudra enjoys playing tennis. 

Sahas Goli

Sahas Goli is a rising freshman from Fremont, California. As a science enthusiast, he enjoys participating in various competitions like the National Science Bee, National Academic Bee, National Science Bowl, Science Fair, First Tech Challenge, and World Robot Olympiad. He has placed third in the National Science Bee in seventh grade, and has placed third and second in the National Science and Academic Bee Global Summer Leagues, respectively. In pursuit of his belief that all knowledge should be shared, he coaches middle school quiz and FLL teams in addition to holding a weekly radio show aimed at educating youth in various topics.

Sanjna Pathak

Sanjna is a freshman at Floyd Central High School in Floyd Knobs, IN. From a very young age, Sanjna has always had a passion for learning mathematics as well as science, and has excelled in both. She has received awards in math, science, english language arts, and geography throughout 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade. Sanjna has been taking part in NSF coaching ever since the 1st grade, and has been competing in the math and science categories for the same amount of time. In the future, she hopes to pursue her goal of going into the medical field, and hopes to start shadowing in a hospital in the near future. Sanjna has taken part in speech and debate club and likes to debate on current events. In addition, she loves playing chess and has participated in chess club. Sanjna has always had a knack for teaching kids and knows different ways to teach so that the information will be remembered. She hopes to teach science in a way that is enriching, as well as fun so that they will develop a love for science, just like her. Outside of school, Sanjna holds a great interest in dancing. She practices an Indian classical dance called Bharatanatyam, and has completed a 3 hour solo performance (arangetram) as of last year. Sanjna has also travelled to perform Bharatanatyam in many different states and has competed in dance competitions. Sanjna also enjoys reading, writing, and swimming.

Shreya Nagri

Shreya Nagri is a senior at Nashua High School South in Nashua, NH. She has participated in NSF competitions since first grade and has been to the nationals for Science Bee several times. She also competes in a multitude of other academic competitions and is president of the Science Bowl and Science Olympiad clubs at her school. In high school, she has taken AP classes in many STEM subjects, including Biology, Environmental Science, Calculus BC, and Statistics, and is currently in AP Chemistry and Psychology. She has completed her school’s CTE program in Biotechnology as well and served as a CTE ambassador, promoting the importance of hands-on education. Shreya has conducted several research projects studying biology, neuroscience, and genetic engineering and has presented her research at the state and national level, earning an American Junior Academy of Science research fellowship in 2019 and 2020. Among her other distinctions are 2021 National Merit Semifinalist, 2020 Stockholm Junior Water Prize NH state winner, perfect scorer on the 2020 ACT, Bausch & Lomb Science Scholar, 2016 & 2017 YBTC state runner-up, 2018 & 2019 Silver Presidential Volunteer Service Award winner, and Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) leadership ambassador. She also learns Bharatanatyam in her spare time and completed her Arangetram in September 2019. This will be Shreya’s third year coaching senior science and she really enjoys teaching students about various science topics and inspiring their curiosity. 

Snehasri Pothanker

Sri Pothanker is a current junior at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois. This is Sri’s second year coaching Senior Science and she has been passionate about science ever since her childhood, which is reflected through her taking the hardest classes out of anyone else in her grade. She is currently taking: AP Physics C, AP Biology, Multivariable Calculus in partnership with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She already took: AP Physics 1 and 2, AP Calculus BC, and AP Computer Science A  and performed very well on the AP Tests. This summer she participated in an internship competition at Motorola Solutions where she was the captain of a team that placed 4th nationally. In addition, she is a Executive Board member of Student Council and Model UN. She also runs cross-country and plays basketball for Fremd High School, and this high school won 1st place in State in the 4A IHSA division. Pictured here is Sri with at one of her many donation projects for COVID-relief. Here she collected monetary donations, bought much-needed food items for the local food pantry, and donated the food. 

Srikar Venkatesan

Srikar is a sophomore at Adlai E. Stevenson High school in Illinois. He is a longtime participant in the NSF competitions (Science & Math), and has ranked 8th in the senior science bee nationals. He has been representing his school in the Science Olympiad for the past 4 years and has come top 5 at state level. He is currently a member of his school’s chemistry club, science olympiad team, scholastic bowl team, and the leadership organization for orchestra. He has a passion for chemistry and likes to play videogames in his spare time. He has had experience in tutoring when he volunteered to tutor algebra 2 for the past 1 year.

Srilakshmi Venkatesan

Srilakshmi, with a passion for science, will bring your child to develop a love for science. Srilakshmi is a freshman at HHS in Massachusetts. She has been doing research science fair projects for the past three years. She started a science camp for many kids in the summer. She has qualified for YBTC state level and has won a few awards for her work in Robotics, Science and STEM especially. She has been participating in NSF from coaching to contests for the past 5 years. Srilakshmi has a talent for teaching younger kids. She knows the tricks and strategies to make information stick. She enjoys playing the piano in her freetime. With leading experience in teaching younger kids, she knows how to motivate kids, and make it grasp.

Sukrith Velmineti

Sukrith is a Sophomore at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC. He has finished courses up to AP Calculus BC and is currently taking AP Environmental Science and AP Physics. He has been interested in science since he was little and started competing in science competitions, such as Science Olympiad. Since he started, he has gotten many awards, including getting 3rd in the NSF Senior Science Bee in 2019. He has tutored 4th-8th graders math and science topics last summer, including in the NSF Summer Mathcounts CrashCourse. Other than science, Sukrith also competes in many math competitions, such as MathCounts, ARML, and the AIME. In his free time, Sukrith likes to play the violin and do origami.

Tanya Bhardwaj

Hello everyone, I am Tanya Bhardwaj and I am based in Irvine CA. I love teaching and science is my favorite subject to teach. I discovered my love for teaching science while raising my two daughters (who are now 13 and 17). I have done BA (University of Lucknow-Economics, Psychology and English Literature) and MBA (Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune, India). Over the past years I have done following community college courses for enrichment: Word Processing, Child Growth and Development, Writing for the Business Environment, Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children, Databases, Information Technology, Anatomy and Physiology, Health Occupations and Medical Terminology. I have four years of Product Marketing experience (Oracle Financials) followed by more than seven years of experience in the field of education with California School Districts. As an educator, I have worked as a Guidance Counselor, Behavior Interventionist, and Paraeducator for special needs/General Ed. children over a period of seven years. Here is my Linked In profile- I look forward to sharing my love of science with your children.

Vijayalakshmi Varadan

Electronics and Communication Engineer by education, have been working in IT for the last 21yrs. Currently working as a Sr. Manager, Product Development in the Life Sciences Industry. Passionate about teaching Math & Science - have tutored at Kumon, coached for Science Olympiad Twin Groves Middle School for Density Lab and Food Science Events and the school placed first and qualified for state. Both my girls(13 and 8) have been part of NSF science and Brain bee for the last 5 years.

Wafiza Julkipli

Wafiza Julkipli is a sophomore at Downingtown S.T.E.M. Academy in PA. She’s had a fascination with the science since she was young, and she hopes to pass on this knowledge to her students. Ever since middle school, she has been doing science fair projects every year, and she has won several awards for her projects. She has been doing the Brain Bee with NSF and the USA Brain Bee for 3 years now, and she has won third place statewide and other awards as well. She has experienced the science field firsthand, as she has done a bioscience internship under two scientists in her freshman year. She is currently working on a neuroscience internship with neuroscientists and researchers at the University of Southern California. At school, she is taking two higher-level science classes per year(biology and chemistry) in her course load. She is known for her ability to be able to teach complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner and knows how to teach scientifically-proven study methods. She enjoys working out, painting, and writing in her free time.