As middle school and high school is becoming more competitive, students are striving to find ways they can stand out. Simply put, just excelling in academics isn’t enough; instead, it’s becoming much more about how effectively students can communicate and how confident they come across. However, most students do not have the confidence and the speaking abilities to be able to put their thoughts across and stand out in a crowd of other competitive students. Keeping this in mind, this program is designed to equip students with the life skills they need to succeed in school and give them the confidence they need to face anything that comes their way.

The Need for the Confidence Building Program:

  • It helps students to discover their inner strengths, conquer their fears, build their confidence, strengthen their self-esteem, and handle their mistake and criticism positively. Students that undergo this course stand out in a group because of their positive attitude and actions, which result in recognition, reward, and respect. This course helps participants enjoy the freedom of being so confident in their beliefs that they are not affected by someone else's opinion. There is a true sense of confidence in all accomplishments as participants are armed with the necessary tools to build confidence through focus and determination.

What Can You Expect from This Program?

Students Will Learn To…

  • Accept responsibility
  • Be Self-motivated
  • Communicate effectively
  • Grow into secure young adults
  • Perform to their full potential
  • Overcome the fear of Public Speaking
  • Handle Criticism with courage
  • Achieve outstanding results

Course Guideline:

  • Week One: What is Confidence? How to develop a better sense of confidence
  • Week Two: Belief in your own dreams. Start acting immediately
  • Week Three: What is self-esteem? How to increase your self-esteem
  • Week Four: How to handle mistakes
  • Week Five: How to harness the power of your talents and put them to use
  • Week Six: How to handle comparisons
  • Week Seven: How to set and achieve goals. Using goals as a way of achieving success
  • Week Eight: How to face your fears?
  • Week Nine: Using feedback to your advantage. Differentiating between constructive and destructive criticism
  • Week Ten: Something interactive with students

Who is this offered to?

    This course will be offered to children in grades 5-9. There is a limit of 20 students per class, so please sign up quickly as spots will get filled.

Esha Ghosalkar

    Esha Ghosalkar is currently a Junior at Troy High School. After trying to manage high school life, she spends her free time dancing; she’s been dancing for the 10 years and dances at events and competes throughout the year. Along with dancing, public speaking has always been a passion of hers. In school, she is the captain and co-founder of the Forensics Club, which revolves around different elements of public speaking all from drama to informative speeches. She leads the team to compete at numerous competitions during the season. Additionally, she has competed at the National NSF Competition and trains other students to do the same. Under her mom’s company Finesse Academy and on her own, she has conducted multiple Confidence Building and Public Speaking workshops for underprivileged school districts and for numerous organizations. Esha recently also conducted her own class for kids six to nine years old for an organization called Curie Learning Center. Spreading the love of public speaking and teaching others the importance of self-confidence has always been a passion of hers, and she’s hoping to do the same at NSF.

Chintan Maheshwari

    Chintan Maheshwari is a Junior and an Honors student at Detroit Catholic Central High School. He is the captain for tennis and bowling for Catholic Central. He has developed a passion for public speaking and has used that passion in various speech competitions such as winning first place twice at NSF’s local speech contest as well as winning the Optimist Oratorical local and Regional competitions. He has conducted Confidence Building workshops for underprivileged kids along with his friend. He has also mentored kids in their public speaking competitions. He is involved in multiple community service activities, participating in his Temple Youth Group, playing percussion and the keyboard in various concerts, as well as participating and competing in many dance competitions.