Course Overview

Voice recognition is the next major disruption in computing - enable interacting with devices in a more intuitive way using voice. Starting from text-based user interfaces (TUI), then moving on to Graphical user interfaces (GUI) now we are at the beginning of the new revolution - the rise of the Voice User Interface, or VUI.

Be a part of the voice revolution by creating new capabilities or skills for Alexa, the voice service powering Amazon Echo. During this course, students will learn how to build skills for Amazon Alexa to run on Alexa powered devices. The course covers setting up Alexa Skills Kit, developing an Alexa skill and deploying the skill to AWS Lambda, and publishing the skill through the Alexa Developer Console. The students will learn to develop skills that use voice to interact with users

What Are Alexa Skills? Skills are like apps for Alexa. Skills let customers use their voices to perform common tasks such as checking the weather, listening to news, playing a game, and more. In this course you will use your knowledge of Python to create various Alexa skills.



  • Completed a Python Programming course offered by North South Foundation.
  • Experience programming using Python concepts such as dictionaries, functions, modules, and classes.

Course Duration

The program covers 8 classes. Each class is 2 hours 15 minutes long.


  1. Introduction to Alexa skills
  2. Invocations
  3. Intents, Slots
  4. Conversation Handling
  5. Alexa Skill -- Rest API example
  6. Voice Design
  7. Hands on project- To Do Service
  8. Publishing an Alexa skill


  • Alexa Developer Console
  • Alexa’s skill kit

Note: You do not need an Alexa/ Echo device for this course as Amazon Developer Console provides the simulator.

Volunteer Coaches

Coaches are volunteers who are passionate about programming. Currently we only have a small number of coaches. We would love to have additional software experts join the team to help standardize and scale the course offering.