Shalini Biju

Shalini Biju is a rising sophomore at Shrewsbury High School in Massachusetts. She has participated in NSF regional competitions since second grade, and has continuously won 1st place in public speaking, spelling, and science. She is an avid member of her speech and debate team, becoming one of the first freshmen from New England to qualify for the National Speech and Debate tournament(NSDA). Shalini is ranked top thirty in the country for two events, as well as winning numerous state titles. She enjoys writing, and her work has been published in multiple Boston magazines. She was accepted into the Vermont Young Writers program, where she sharpened her writing. She is in the process of publishing her first book. She also enjoys mathematics, and is part of her school’s mathcounts team. She was in a combined program where she took both sophomore year math as well as freshmen year math in a single year. Shalini is a straight A student, in all honors courses. She has also won awards for her artwork, and enjoys reading and dancing. She loves teaching and inspiring young kids. She has tutored children up to grade 8 in all subject areas, and held a free 9-week speech and debate course this past summer. She loves volunteering, and is so excited to coach!