Janevi Ramaji

Janevi Ramaji has been a volunteer for North South Foundation since 2004 and has served in many roles as Judge, Technical Coordinator, Chapter Director for Fort Lauderdale Chapter, Zonal Director for the South East Zone, Art Core Team Lead for the Panacea Challenge and most recently as a member of the Technology team.  She has been coaching Universal Values 101 for the Juniors for the past 2 semesters and thoroughly enjoys the innocence of the young kids in the class.  She thoroughly believes in the power of these values and loves practising them along with the kids she coaches. 

Unnatti Jain

Unnatti Jain is a positive force, giving a voice to today's teenagers and young adults.She is a Life Coach / Gen Z expert who believes that by understanding this generation’s unique characteristics and attitudes, we can unlock their potential to transform their lives and impact to society. With a vision to change the way society relates to Gen Z, she works with parents, young adults and organizations to help them better understand the cohort’s mindset, values, and motivation drivers to create an improved working environment. As a mother of a 16-year-old Gen Z, she has been mapping the behaviors and stories of her journey, which became her final PhD study on Gen Z. She is fascinated by teenagers, studying their coping mechanisms, challenges with self-esteem, body image, stress reduction, depression, and defiant behaviors. She has dedicated her life to sharing her insights and is leading a movement to bridge generational gaps between Gen Z and those around them to bolster empathy for each other. Unnatti is also a meditation and yoga instructor and builds mindfulness techniques in her coaching assignments. Unnatti holds a PhD in Leadership and Change from Walden University, USA. with a Master’s degree in Knowledge Management from Kent University, Ohio and a Master’s degree of Philosophy from Walden University, Minneapolis.