2021-22 Spring Semester Online Coaching Info:

  • Registrations are open only for LSP
  • When: Weekly classes starting March 20th, 2022
    No classes will be conducted from 03/26/2022 to 04/03/2022 (Spring break)
  • Registration Deadline:
    Registration deadline without late fee(LSP): 03/09/2022 Midnight Eastern

    Registration deadline with late fee(LSP): 03/12/2022 Midnight Eastern
  • Student Orientation:
    When: March 19th, 2022
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  • Curriculum for subjects: Click here

Courses Offered

Group Product Levels Notation Grade Eligibility # Classes Class Duration Fees Year Introduced Format
Math Elementary One Level 1, 2 8 1 hour $50 2016 Coach will review problems and give HW
PreMathcounts One Level 3, 4, 5 8 1 hour 2010
Mathcounts One Level 6,7,8 8 1 hour
Geography Junior Geography One Level 1,2,3 8 1 hour $75 2011 Coach will quiz and give HW
Senior Geography One Level 4,5,6,7,8 8 1 hour
Science Junior Science One Level 1,2,3 8 1 hour $50 2015 Coach will review problems and give HW
Intermediate Science One Level 4,5 8 1 hour
Senior Science One Level 6,7,8 8 1 hour
CODE Computer Programming Python Programming 9,10,11,12 8 1 hour $50 2017
Public Speaking Junior Public Speaking One level 6,7,8 6 1.5 hours $75 2020 Coach will have students practice for 1 hour and HW is given
Jr + Sr Impromptu One level 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 6 1.5 hours 2021
Essay Writing Junior One Level 3,4,5 8 1 hour $50 2021
Intermediate One level 6,7,8 8 1 hour
Spelling Junior Spelling One level 3 8 1 hour $75 2020 Coach will teach words from 1000 list and HW is given
Senior Spelling One level 4,5,6,7,8 8 1 hour
Vocabulary Junior Vocabulary One Level 1,2,3 8 1 hour $75 2020 Coach will teach words from 1000 list and HW is given
Intermediate Vocabulary One level 4,5,6,7,8 8 1 hour
Brain Bee Intermediate Brain Bee One level 6,7,8 8 1 hour $50 2020
Senior Brain Bee One level 9,10,11 8 1 hour
History Bee Junior History Bee One Level 1,2,3 8 1 hour $5 2022 Hosted by a 4th grade JHB champion to raise awareness
Senior History Bee One level 4,5,6,7,8 8 1 hour $50 May be difficult for 4th, 5th graders. Please email coaching to confirm for 4th/5th grade students.
Life Skills Confidence Building One level 5,6,7,8,9 10 1 hour $100 2017

NorthSouth online coaching has become very popular with parents and students.

The goal of NorthSouth coaching program is to enrich student learning beyond the education offered in the regular school. NorthSouth believes that a young child has extraordinary capacity to absorb information and learn when exposed to new concepts. Studies have shown that certain parts of the brain will not develop without stimulation during early formative years. The program strives to generate curiosity, inquisitiveness, exploration and discovery.

The coaching program provides flexibility to allow students to enroll in classes based on their skill (either above or below grade level). The program not only prepares students for rigorous classes in school but also participate effectively in aptitude exams and highly competitive contests.

Instructor led online coaching program offers classes in Math, SAT/ACT, Science, Geography, Computer Programming, Vedic Math, Universal Values, and Life Skills Program (Confidence Building). Coaching is provided in each subject at different grade levels.

Online Classes

NorthSouth online coaching is not a personalized school tutoring program. NorthSouth believes that parent involvement is an integral part of student learning process. While coaches rely on parents for encouraging the child to participate without distraction, we would like to limit parent involvement during in-class discussions to promote unhindered participation from children. Parents are requested to ensure that their child participates in every class and is respectful of other students.

Coaches uses web conferencing tools to interact with the students. Coaches are happy to answer any of your questions after the class or by email. Questions related to the concepts or content covered in the class should only be asked by the students.

Classes are not recorded, and, in most cases, class teaching material and slides are not shared. We encourage students to use other online resources to fill the gaps and/or reinforce the learning. It is expected that students attend all classes and there is no ability to make up for missed classes. Students will have the chance to catch up by working on the homework and getting clarification during the next class.


Coaches are volunteers comprised of subject matter experts, parents and highly skilled high school students.


There is homework given every week to reinforce learning of concepts covered in class. It is very important for children to complete homework on time. Please encourage the students to work on the homework as it is an integral part of learning. Students’ homework responses will provide feedback to coaches on where students may be having difficulty understanding the concepts.


NorthSouth coaching program benefits two groups of students:

  1. Students who are attending the online coaching classes
  2. Needy college students in India who receive educational grants from the funds raised through online coaching program

Please contact for any further questions